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Thursday October 1, 2020

How to convert written text into voice in Arabic

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There are many reasons why you want to convert the written text into audio in any language, for example you may want to convert an article into an audiobook article or even an audiobook so that you can hear it during your exercises or while you go to work and you may want to send a written work to a blind person to enjoy it .

For these reasons and more, there are sites specializing in the process of converting written text into voice in more than one language, and these sites are very popular on the Internet and are also available in abundance, and today we will choose for you one of these sites that we found, which is acapelabox, which is a free site to use.

Important notice: Whatever the quality of the text converted to voice using websites or automated programs, it will not be and will not reach a quarter of the quality provided by human readers and Voice Over, so I strongly advise if you want to obtain a text readable in the highest quality and best possible technology that you employ one of these Voice over Actors and get their help.

How to convert written text into audio using acapelabox:

First, go to the main page of the site through this link Here .

Now you will see the welcome screen in the following form:

Convert written text into audio

1- Through this drop-down list, choose the language, as you can see there is a large group of languages ​​that you can choose from, and you will find the Arabic language at the top of the list

2- Through this drop-down list, you can choose the voice you want to use, you will find a group of Arabic voices for the site, such as Layla and Nazih, and next to each voice as you see, you will find a mark indicating whether it is a male or female.

How to convert written text into audio in Arabic 1

3- In this box you write the text that you want to convert into readable text in any language you want, and next to it you will find an option to be able to download the audio file and choose the format you want

4- This button is to listen to the readable text, but before you click on it, you must put the approval mark in front of Option No. 5

6 + 7: Adjusts the volume and speed and makes it slightly more intense or less intense.

To be able to download, all you have to do is click on the first menu in the picture below, then click on the word Download to start the download process, but note before the download begins that you will need to subscribe to the site and buy some points to be able to download files from it as you wish.

How to convert written text into audio in Arabic 2

We hope that this topic has helped you to make your life a little easier and to convert the written text into sound and increase the benefit that you get from the Internet, if you have any questions about this site or any other site, you can leave it in the comments box below.

Link to visit the website to convert written text to audio

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