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Thursday October 1, 2020

How to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices

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The Xbox arm is the official approved arm of Microsoft with all its systems and of course the Windows 10 system, and with Microsoft’s increasing interest in Windows 10 in games, using the Xbox has become the best solution to enjoying games on Windows 10.

The truth is that this is a good thing, as the Xbox arm is much better than the PS4 and also better than many of the options in the market. It is true that its cost sometimes may be a little higher, but this high price comes with a very decent quality.

In this article, we will learn how to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices easily and at the lowest possible costs.

Connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices:

A very important step that we must confirm before we start attaching the arm is to make sure that you purchase the appropriate arm to work with computers.

In theory all the booms work fine even the Xbox 360’s – which might be a bit cheaper than the Xbox One – but as I said it’s important to know which arm you are going to buy so you can easily and affordably attach it.

If you want to buy the Xbox 360 console, I recommend that you buy the wired versions only, as these copies come bundled with a regular USB A cable that you can connect to your computer like any USB peripheral and use it directly.

Xbox arm

Here, you will not need more than connecting the arm to a computer and waiting for it to be recognized automatically.

But if you have an old Xbox 360 wireless arm and want to take advantage of it, you will need to purchase a special receiver that connects to a computer like the one shown in the picture below.

Xbox arm

And then the computer will recognize the arm automatically and will work with it automatically as well, but this future is very expensive and the price is close to a completely new Xbox One arm, so I advise you at that time to buy a new Xbox One arm.

Here we must differentiate between two types of Xbox One arm, the first one which was released with the beginning of the device’s release, this type comes with a regular Micro USB connection that you can connect and use easily, but it requires a special connection Dongle that you must purchase separately.

The second type, which was released with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, and this type does not require a special Dongle connection, and any Bluetooth connection will suffice and be sufficient.

How do you differentiate between the two? It is very easy on the Xbox One S arm. You will find a 3.5mm port at the bottom of the device that you can use to connect the headphones to the arm automatically and directly. This port is absent in the old versions of the arm.

How to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices 1

In the picture above, the V2 arm is an arm that can be easily connected using bluetooth and any regular Bluetooth receiver and the V1 requires a special communication method like the one you see below.

How to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices 2

So as soon as you solve the problem of connecting to the computer – which is the biggest problem – the next step will come, which is to define the arm on Windows.

Make sure that you are using the latest available version of Windows 10, and this will be sufficient to characterize the arm, as once you connect the arm in the appropriate way, you will find that the system automatically recognizes it and you will find it in the control panel in the section on Bluetooth and other devices.

Of course, if you are using a wireless arm, you will need to add it from the Bluetooth and other devices menu.

How to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 devices 3

You can add it via Add Bluetooth or other devices, then turn on the controller and press the Compatibility and Reconnect button, which is a small button on the back of the controller.

How to connect your Xbox console to Windows 10 4 devices

Now tap on Xbox Wireless Controller to ensure it is connected and recognized.

The price of the Xbox arm in the Egyptian market ranges from 900-1000 EGP for the default version, and you can access it easily from Amazon and you will find that its prices range from $ 60 to $ 100 for the very special copies, and you can order from this Link .

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