The month of Ramadan is a blessed month, and in this month Muslims try to draw closer to God Almighty with all acts of worship, from prayers in mosques, supererogatory prayers, Tarawih prayers, night prayers, reading the Qur’an with contemplation and understanding, and remembrance of glorification, lullaby, takbeer, and supplication. In talking about the Noble Qur’an, the Muslim strives to complete it in this blessed month. It was reported that Imam Al-Shafi’i, may God have mercy on him, used to complete the Noble Qur’an twice a day, so is it not possible for a Muslim among us to complete it twice a month?

How to complete the Qur’an twice in Ramadan

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The reading of the entire Holy Qur’an is completed in the first fifteen days of Ramadan; So that two parts are read every day, and since one part of the Noble Qur’an contains twenty pages, a person will have to read forty pages a day, so he divides these pages according to the obligatory prayers, and recites ten pages after each prayer, and because the time between sunset and dinner is short for the Muslim to use In matters other than reading, such as supererogatory prayers, and remembrance of God Almighty, and after a person follows this method, that method upon reaching the fifteenth day of Ramadan, he will have completed the reading for the first time.

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A person who wishes to complete the Qur’an for the second time must take into account that the remaining days for him may be fifteen days, or fourteen days; Because sometimes the month of Ramadan has thirty days, and other times twenty-nine days, so the number of days remaining for it for the second conclusion is fourteen days, as it follows the same plan that he followed in the first conclusion.

When a Muslim reaches the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan, which he hopes will be Laylat al-Qadr, he must take advantage of this night and fill it with good deeds; Where he has here to finish four parts of the Qur’an, not two parts as usual, so he recites one part after the dawn prayer, then ten pages after the noon and afternoon prayers, and thus he has finished two parts, then he has two parts left for him to read after the evening prayer before starting the night prayer. He has finished reciting four parts for this day, and he has completed twenty-four parts for the second conclusion, and he has six parts left, where he finishes them in the same way as usual for the remaining three days, and thus he has finished sealing the Noble Qur’an twice in the blessed month of Ramadan.

How to complete the Qur’an twice in Ramadan

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