Cleaning the cooker holders

Butane holders are exposed to grease and cooking residues sticking to them, which causes fumes and bad odors to escape from them during cooking. To protect hands from hot water, then follow these steps:[1]

  • Leave the cooker holders until they cool completely, then put them in a basin of hot water flowing from the tap, and soak them for half an hour, as it helps to melt the grease and oils from them, and the water can be boiled in a pot on the fire, when hot water is not available in the tap, then pour it on the racks. Butane is in the aquarium.
  • Fill another basin with clean hot water, add one or two sprays of dishwashing liquid designed to remove grease, then transfer the cooker holders to it, and soak them inside for 15 minutes.
  • Wetting a piece of nylon fiber with water, then adding a non-abrasive detergent to it and using it to rub pregnant women; To remove the deposits stuck to it.
  • Repeat the cleaning process as often as possible; For clean carriers, they can also be re-soaked in the sink for five minutes or put detergent on them and left outside the sink, to loosen the deposits on them.
  • Empty the sink of water, and wash the cooker holders with cold water; To get rid of traces of soap and detergents on it, then dry it using a soft cloth to avoid exposure to rust.
  • Put the cooker holders and gas burners in the dishwasher, and set them on the pots and pans cycle, then turn them on.

Cleaning the cooker holders from rust

Cooker holders can rust when used frequently, and rust can be removed by following the following method:[2]

  • use a wire grill brush; To rub the butane holders and remove rust from it.
  • Rinse the gas holders well with hot water.
  • Use a clean cloth to dry the bars well, and put them back in place.

cleaning oven racks

Ammonia can be used to clean oven racks by following these steps:[3]

  • Put the oven racks in a large garbage bag, and add two cups of ammonia liquid to the bag. It is recommended to choose a thick bag; To avoid damage or leakage of liquid, be sure to choose a large bag to seal it.
  • Close the bag and leave it outside, or in the garage all hours of the night, and adhesive tape, or rubber cords can be used to close it and prevent fumes emitted from ammonia from leaving it, and it is noteworthy that these fumes help clean the shelves, and can be placed in the bathtub, when it is difficult to leave it Outside, be sure to leave the window open for ventilation.
  • Wear gloves and open the bag outside, or in a room with good ventilation, then take out the shelves and wash them in hot water, or put them in the sink and wash them with hot water to remove traces of ammonia from them.
  • Throw the bag in the wastebasket, dry the racks and put it in place in the oven.

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How to clean cooker holders

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