How to clean car headlights

The cleanliness of the car in general gives a good impression of its property, in addition to its role in maintaining the safety of the car’s engine, so care must be taken to clean it periodically, without excessive use of chemicals in it, to reduce the cost and time spent, and some of the commonly used methods for cleaning Car headlights include:[1]

Cleaning with toothpaste

The following steps must be followed:[1]

  • Clean the car headlights beforehand with a towel dampened with water, then let them dry.
  • Put a small amount of toothpaste on the lamp, while rubbing and exfoliating gently and slowly without violence.
  • Rinse the headlight with water to enjoy clean car headlights.

Cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is a versatile material. It can be used to clean car lights, and get rid of any dirt, or color changes, through the following steps:[2]

  • Prepare a solution of vinegar and water, adding 3 parts water, to each part vinegar.
  • Put the solution into a spray can.
  • Spray the solution on dirty car headlights.
  • Leave the solution for a minute.
  • Wipe the lamps with a piece of cloth in a circular motion.
  • Repeat the process as needed.

The cause of dirty car headlights

Dirty car headlights affect the vision of the driver himself, and other drivers, which may put some at risk, as car headlights usually get dirty due to exposure to a number of pollutants during the movement of the car, whether it is due to weather conditions and weather, or due to off-road conditions and dust and dust flying, It may also become dirty as a result of the collision of insects such as bugs in them, or the collision of pollen, in addition to the factor of time and the passage of time, which leads to the change in the color of the lamps to yellow, or foggy, and the effect of exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, and harmful chemical car exhaust products in the environment cannot be denied. Fogging lights, i.e. turning them into a hazy color.[3]

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How to clean car headlights

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