zakat cash account

It is obligatory to give it from the financial funds in zakat is one-fourth of a tenth, i.e. its value is 2.5%, and to calculate the zakat, the payer takes out 25 coins for every 1,000 coins, and accordingly, if he owns 10,000 coins, the zakat is 250 coins, and so on, or the amount of money that The nisab is on the number 40, and the result is the amount of the obligatory zakat. Therefore, if 10,000 is divided by the number 40, the resultant will be 250, which is the amount of zakat due on this amount.[1]

zakat on money saved

The money saved for marriage, building a house, paying off debt, buying real estate, or other things, is money on which zakat is due if it reaches the nisab and completes the year, whether it is paper money, gold or silver, since God Almighty has enjoined zakat without making These purposes are excluded, and zakat increases money and purifies its owner and does not decrease it.[2]

Zakat on money saved in the bank

It is not permissible to put money in the reputable banks, because this matter helps in sin and transgression, but if necessary, it is permissible to place it, but without interest[2] Also, usurious money includes capital and interest, and the capital is the property of the owner of the money and zakat is obligatory on it. As for usurious interest, it is money that is not owned and there is no zakat on it. The Almighty said: (O you who believe, spend from the good things that you have earned).[3] It is forbidden money and its way is charity for the poor and needy.[4]

Calculating zakat on gold and silver

Zakat is due on gold and silver if it reaches the nisab, and the nisab for pure gold is 85 grams, and the nisab for pure silver is 595 grams. God, so give them tidings of a painful punishment.)[5] The apparent meaning of the verse restricts the obligation of zakat on gold, silver, and jewelry made from them.[6]

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How to calculate Zakat

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