Birth date calculator

One of the questions that may come to the mind of the mother and father as soon as they discover that they will have a new baby is when the birth will take place, and the normal rate of pregnancy is forty weeks, or the equivalent of two hundred and eighty days, and this is calculated from the first day of the last natural menstrual cycle, and the process of calculating the date of birth It is very simple. If this day is known to the mother, all she has to do is add nine months and seven days to this date. For example, if the first day of the woman’s last natural menstrual period is the first of January, we add seven days and we have the number eight , we add nine months and the month becomes October, so the date of birth is the eighth of October.

Accuracy and error in calculating the date of birth

In fact, few women give birth on the calculated day, so try eighty percent of children born within ten days of the scheduled date, and this difference is considered large, as the real date of birth will be either in the ten days before the appointed day, or in the ten days that follow. The exact day, and if the birth took place during this period, i.e. between thirty-eight weeks and forty-two weeks, then this is what is called a full term pregnancy, and since the percentage of women who give birth completely is eighty percent, the percentage of women who give birth outside this period reaches up to Twenty percent, and about eight to ten percent of women give birth early, that is, within twenty to thirty-six weeks, and about eight percent give birth after the 42nd week.

Premature birth and its causes

Preterm labor usually occurs due to the mother entering labor very early, and in most cases there is no clear reason for this, but abnormal premature birth is caused by the following causes and cases:

  • Pregnancy with twins.
  • The uterus is abnormally shaped, which may cause the baby to be stuck in it.
  • Placenta Previa.
  • Placental abruption.
  • smoking.
  • Untreated thyroid disease in the mother.
  • Other diseases that the mother suffers from, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver disease.
  • High temperature of the mother, acute infections.

Contrary to what is commonly known, exposure to a severe emotional crisis, or exposure to physical harm such as falling, are uncommon cases of premature birth. One of the complications that may occur in the case of premature birth is that the child is born so weak that he cannot live outside the womb, or that he may face difficulties in that.

late delivery

As for a late birth, the reasons that may lead are unknown, and if a previous late birth occurs to her, there is a possibility that she will give birth to another late birth, and one of the reasons that may lead to a late birth is that the mother incorrectly calculated the first day of the last menstrual period and therefore It is not considered a late birth, and this type of birth does not pose any danger to the mother, but the placenta ages after the twenty-second week of pregnancy, and therefore its ability to transfer oxygen and food to the baby will be reduced, and may lead to the death of the baby.

How to calculate the date of birth

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