It is one of the most widespread agricultural crops in the whole world, and it is one of the tuber crops whose fruits grow underground, and are grown in all parts of the world, and the potato has earned the fourth place among the most important crops in the world, and there is no doubt that it is one of the most desirable vegetables among all people, and it is included in the Prepare a lot of delicious dishes.

Potatoes have three ways of cooking, they are either boiled, grilled or fried, and the boiling method is the most healthy way for it, as it preserves its benefits and components beneficial to the health of the body, and doctors confirm that boiled potatoes contain a substance that absorbs all toxins from the body. .

Potato boil method

Boil potatoes with water

First, we choose a good type of potato so that it is free from any green colors or pigmentation, as potatoes that contain green and according to some health experts contain toxic substances, so they must be disposed of immediately, and then we wash the potatoes well under water to get rid of dirt and dust attached to it.

Then we put a pot with water on the fire and leave it until it boils completely, then add a little salt and then put the potatoes in water and leave them for a quarter of an hour, and the ripening process can be tested by planting a sharp knife inside the potato, then we take it out of the boiling water and put it directly in cold water to make it easier to peel . It should be noted here that there are some recipes that require peeling potatoes before the boiling process, and that it is possible to divide the potatoes into halves or quarters before boiling them to reduce the time of boiling.

Boil potatoes in the microwave

Wash the potatoes well, then put the potatoes in a bowl of Pyrex in which there is an appropriate amount of water to boil the potatoes, then cover the bowl and put it in the microwave for ten minutes, then we take out the bowl and drain the potatoes and put them directly in cold water if they are not peeled, then peel them easily And we use it directly.

Potato benefits

  • Regulates the acidity of the stomach.
  • Prevents cancer, especially bowel cancer.
  • It is included in skin recipes because it contains many vitamins that lighten and purify the skin in a natural way.
  • Calms nerves, expels wind and treats colic.
  • Crumble gravel and sand.
  • Treat stomach and duodenal ulcers.
  • Regulates blood sugar level and prevents a pregnant woman from miscarriage.
  • It protects the body from arthritis, and it also protects against gout and asthma.
  • It helps the digestive system to function properly.
  • It maintains the balance of potassium level in the body and thus enhances blood flow.

Potato boil method

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