Barley is a type of whole annual grain that follows the cereal family, and is scientifically called (Hordeum vulgare), and it is similar in shape to wheat grains, as it is often combined with it. For some animals, such as livestock, it is also used in preparing some types of stews and soups. It also contains maltose, which is used in the manufacture of artificial sweeteners. It also contains antioxidants and many nutrients.

The work of boiled barley

the ingredients

  • The amount of a handful or a cup of barley.
  • A liter and a half of water.
  • Lemon juice or we can replace it with honey.

How to prepare

  • Put the barley in the boiling pot, and add water to it.
  • Put the ingredients on a low heat, and leave it for about half an hour.
  • We reduce or increase the water as desired so that it tastes palatable.
  • We turn off the fire and let it cool, and drain the water.
  • We add honey or lemon to it to improve its taste, and drink it daily.

the ingredients

  • A glass of cold or ice water.
  • Quarter cup of powdered milk.
  • ¼ cup fine barley powder.
  • Half a tablespoon of banana flavor extract.

How to prepare

  • Mix all the above ingredients in an electric mixer, without barley.
  • Put the barley and mix the ingredients well, then eat it directly while it is frozen.

Benefits of boiled barley

Health benefits of malt drink

  • It reduces bad cholesterol levels because it contains fiber.
  • Contributes to weight loss, as drinking boiled barley makes you feel full for long periods, and reduces appetite.
  • It protects against cancer, especially breast cancer, as it contains phytonutrients such as: Enterolactone and Lignan.
  • It contributes to stabilizing the conditions of diabetics, as it maintains the level of sugar in the blood.
  • It is useful in treating anemia because it contains copper.
  • It improves digestion, through its ability to improve the function of digestive juices, and reduces the feeling of bloating in the stomach.
  • Strengthens the immune system, as it contains high levels of vitamin C, twice what is found in oranges.
  • It prevents the formation of gallstones, as it reduces the secretion of bile acids.
  • Prevents hardening of the arteries.
  • It lowers the temperature and cools the body, especially in summer.

Benefits for the skin

Boiled barley water is useful in skin care, as it contains antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals, and its benefits include:

  • Protects the skin from infections and external pollutants.
  • It maintains the elasticity of the skin and protects it from damage, because it contains selenium.
  • It improves the appearance of the skin by its ability to tighten the skin.
  • It fights signs of aging, reduces wrinkles, and removes impurities and toxins.
  • Treats wounds and speeds up their healing, because it is rich in zinc.

hair benefits

  • Restores hair to its natural color, because it contains copper, which is melamine.
  • Stimulates hair growth by containing niacin, thiamine, and procyanidin, which stimulate hair growth.
  • It prevents hair loss.

Benefits for a pregnant woman

  • Reduces yeast during pregnancy.
  • It reduces pregnancy problems such as nausea.
  • Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Prevents swelling of the ankles and feet, as it stimulates blood circulation.

How to boil barley

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