Self confidence

Self-confidence is that a person is aware of his abilities and the importance of his production in society, and that his view of himself is a balanced view that is not tainted by excessive exaltation, nor contempt, and also without reducing the value of oneself in front of others, and here the individual must beware of falling into the nets of arrogance. The trait may make him see himself better than others, and make him despise others and miss them, and thus alienate those from him, but every person suffers from a weakness in self-confidence at some point, and there are many ways and steps that help to increase self-confidence, and self-confidence has many Positives.[1]

Methods for developing self-confidence

  • You have to accept yourself as you are, be satisfied with yourself and your appearance, for God created man in the best calendar, and the degree of beauty is not a test from God Almighty, and make sure that your appearance that you do not like is admired by many others, and you should stay away from fabricating defects in yourself, and beware of bragging yourself and your talents in front of others.[2]
  • Read aloud when you are alone, as this method helps you to speak out in front of others.
  • Train yourself to speak calmly and comfortably in front of others, by engaging in conversation with parents, or by gradually speaking in front of others, and talk to a new individual and then two until your tongue starts talking.
  • Change your lifestyle, participate in community meetings and small seminars, express yourself with some words, then develop your participation in such meetings and seminars, and with time you will notice that your strength in expressing yourself has increased significantly and significantly.
  • Turn to a friend close to you to help you solve your problem. Secrecy and staying away from people worsen your problem. Communicate with people and get closer to them, and never try to get away because you will find yourself alone and alone.
  • Fear is one of the worst enemies of self-confidence, and the effective treatment for fear is confrontation, so you have to identify it and then confront it.
  • Do not be afraid and look into the eyes of those with whom you speak boldly.
  • Stay away from comparing yourself to others, as comparison plants selfishness or frustration.
  • Pay attention to your external appearance, as your external appearance supports self-confidence.

Self-confidence benefits

  • You form a good and lovable image of your personality and yourself in front of people. A good image of yourself is a clear and explicit reflection of an individual’s image of himself.[3]
  • It makes you a balanced person in dealing with those around you, thus earning their respect, and creating the appropriate atmosphere for exchanging opinions and discussing conflicting opinions.
  • Increases your ability to make the right decisions and actions in your daily life.
  • It helps you achieve more success in all aspects of your life, and increases your happiness.

the reviewer

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How to become confident in yourself

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