A woman should be like a sponge; So that you can absorb any new information daily, and you must admit not knowing everything, and having the ability to share information with experts in order to achieve goals, according to Sam Lindley, owner of Cloud 9 business training, and it is indicated that you should not be afraid of dealing with people. great people, enabling them to change the stereotypical way of thinking,[1] On the other hand, constructive criticism must be accepted. This makes people more loyal to the person and his work, and others must be listened to even when they do not have the correct solution to the problem; They may offer a new vision to deal with.[2]

Start business

Starting a business is what distinguishes successful businesswomen from others; It is not possible to reach success without going out to work, and to be able to do that, you must stop just thinking, and take a step forward with the possibilities currently available even with the lack of all the necessary resources to start; The remaining resources will be found while working.[3]

time management

Time constraints are one of the challenges that most businesswomen face; Usually, women are associated with multiple responsibilities; So that she is obliged to meet the needs of work in addition to taking care of her family, and taking care of her personal needs, and in order to overcome this challenge she must master the art of delegating others to help her do the work.[3]


Relationships are one of the most important skills that business women need to develop; It provides access to a variety of resources, which in turn enhances competence and knowledge, creates opportunity for commercial advertising, and increases the potential for success. Relationships can be established by joining online professional groups, whether by participating in forums, email discussion lists, to In addition to following up on press releases, brochures, and other written means of communication.[2]

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How to become a successful businesswoman

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