Focus on the time spent with the spouse

The couple may spend a lot of time together, and the belief has always been that the more time the two partners spend together, the stronger their relationship and the greater their satisfaction with the relationship, but in fact, the most important thing is the quality of this time that they spend together, long-term relationships between spouses may be successful if Emphasis is placed on quality for the time that brings happiness and contentment to the couple.[1]

Speak more openly

Communication between the two partners is the cornerstone that ensures a healthy and sound relationship, and conversations between spouses usually turn into conversations related to the daily routine and pressures of life. It is possible for the wife to devote several minutes of the day to discussing an interesting topic with her husband, reviewing their opinions and enjoying the conversation. The spouses should also focus on proper communication skills between them and work on solving problems and cases of differences between them in a friendly and healthy manner far from arguing and shouting.[2]

Understanding and sympathizing with the husband

The ideal wife understands her husband well on the intellectual, behavioral and emotional levels, so she can understand him more and sympathize with him, as the husbands’ understanding of each other’s nature makes them better able to know the common points between them and focus on them, as well as distinguishing the differences between them, appreciating and accepting these differences, proper communication between the spouses that ensures knowledge of the husband’s feelings Appreciating his needs and respecting them makes the couples feel loved and appreciated, and thus the relationship between them is further strengthened.[3]

Ignore the mistakes of the past

There is no need to keep remembering and mentioning the mistakes of marriage. Recalling these memories is of little use, as it is important for the wife not to remember the husband’s old mistakes and to treat the mistakes at the time they occur, not months or even years later.[4]

Balance in giving and receiving

The wife and husband have to understand the nature of emotional and marital relationships and their requirements, such as the need to take and also the duty of giving in exchange for taking. This state of balance creates comfort and justice in the marital relationship. Giving one spouse for free may upset this state of balance and create problems between spouses and vice versa.[4]

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