Help others

Helping others enables a person to stop thinking about himself, and helps to increase the feeling of gratitude for what he has, as making a difference in someone’s life gives a good feeling, instead of focusing on weaknesses, he can feel an increase in self-confidence automatically if he volunteers to teach, for example or help others in any other way.[1]

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Talking positively to oneself

A person must remind himself that he is unique, special, and valuable, and that he deserves to feel good about himself regardless of the problems he faces, as he must know that he is a miracle in this universe, and it is necessary for a person to identify frustrating feelings and negative sentences and fight them ; Such as: “Nobody loves me”, “I’m a loser”, or “I don’t do anything useful”.[2]

Other things that help build self-confidence

There are other things that help build self-confidence, including the following:[3]

  • Wear the right clothes, as there is a famous English proverb that says: Fake it till you make it, where it is good to wear clothes that make a person feel energy and strength, so that this self-confidence becomes a real part of it.
  • Reducing stress, as it is possible to agree with a friend or acquaintance to exchange good and positive messages that help reduce stress.[2]
  • Doing things that the person enjoys.[2]
  • Accomplish things that were previously postponed.[2]

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How can a person be self-confident?

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