How to be cool

Calm nerves and living in a comfortable atmosphere is one of the reasons that makes a person productive and effective in his life and away from problems, as studies have proven that the largest proportion of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and colon are all caused by various neurological disorders that a person suffers from due to a circumstance or problem, so how can one Get calm and avoid these disturbances?

Tips to become cool

Avoid constant thinking

Avoid thinking and working for long hours, day and night, and if the work period is not limited or restricted to certain hours, you must relax several times during work and take a break.


Whenever the opportunity allows to take a break and take advantage of the weekend to spend it away from work and its concerns, it is possible to relax and go out on trips, even if they are short, or use them with enjoyable activities such as: hiking and going out with the family, this renews the determination when returning to work again.

Sleeping Early

Sleeping early reflects on the activity in the morning upon waking. As for sleeping late, the body does not gain enough rest and the person wakes up tired, unlike sleeping early, the body relaxes to the extent that makes it active when he wakes up and goes to work.

Avoid anger and despair

They are the most harmful to the human nervous system and provoke his nerves, and they also make the body vulnerable to heart disease, blood pressure and exposure to strokes, and nervousness indicates exerting too much effort or that a person is too lazy, so these two cases should be avoided until the person becomes calm and away from nervousness. .

Avoid worry

Avoid worrying, especially worrying about the future and about things to come. A person has to think and live for his day only and not think much about what will happen around him or what will happen to him, and replace that with fun, joy and optimism after trusting in God Almighty.

Focus training

If there is difficulty concentrating, this means difficulty in understanding things and inability to work and live calmly, this problem can be overcome by training in concentration or reading part of a book or magazine and summarizing it after hours, then comparing it with the original version, this would increase the strength of concentration It reduces nervousness arising from confusion and lack of focus in understanding matters.

Avoid thinking about problems

Stay away from thinking about work and life problems before bed so that a person does not get insomnia, and to solve this problem, difficult and complex work can be done in the early morning during the first working hours and leave the easy ones until the end of work, where the person is more tired than in the morning, and can also walk a little or listen to music Quiet to beat insomnia.

How to be cool

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