Playing sports

Everyone should make exercise and physical activities an integral part of their daily life, and if they cannot allocate time to practice this sport in the morning, they should consider postponing it until the evening.

Prof. Herbert Lulegen, President of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) says to all people that whoever stops exercising daily; He should not get angry or reprimand himself if he suffers from a disease, and all the individual has to do is commit to exercising. He also emphasizes the importance of having fun in sports, as it does not mean that you torment yourself with feelings of guilt.

Sport type

The quality of the sport you practice must be taken care of, and it must be practiced slowly and for a few periods of time, then gradually increase its intensity and duration. And from Lugen’s advice, it is also necessary to allocate twenty percent of the physical activity to the exercise of muscle-strengthening exercises, and the remaining ten percent is devoted to the exercise of stretching exercises that improve the performance of the body’s movement, and which reduce the risks and possibilities of falls and injuries in the advanced stages of life.

Lulegen says that physical exercise that increases endurance should be done at least twice a week, and even better that it should be done at least three or four times a week, for a period ranging from fifteen minutes to at least thirty, and recommends Also, by changing the types of sports, the person does not focus on one type without the other, this leads to avoiding the load on the muscles and joints in one direction, and practicing sports regularly will help to organize the day better, and increase the ability to focus on work before and after exercising.

General advice

  • Make an effort to get used to the exercise.
  • Learn how to do exercises correctly, and this is by taking advantage of all possibilities such as the Internet to watch popular videos, and read about the benefits resulting from each exercise, as this helps to distinguish between fitness exercises and those used to lose excess weight or that lead to an improvement in the physical condition and support the body to get a new lifestyle and convenient.
  • Allocate time that suits you and keep it sustainable, and make fitness an integral part of your life, as if you will receive a monthly salary for these exercises, and remember that the mind helps muscle movement, which makes you prepare for exercise and prevents you from stopping for a short period of time after the start of the exercise. When the body says stop, the mind comes to say: (Don’t stop and go on).

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