Get the right education

Anyone who wants to become a professional photographer must receive appropriate and adequate education in this field; There are many photography programs and courses, which in turn suit all learners’ different goals, including photography, industrial photography and others, so it is necessary to focus on one area at the beginning and learn it.[١]

Find training scholarships

The beginner photographer should take advantage of the opportunities offered by the training fellowships, which in turn help photographers to participate in photography workshops and fieldworks to explore both the creative and artistic aspect of photography in different locations, including studio or otherwise.[١]

Submit professional exams

Providing exams that evaluate the professionalism of photographers is important for anyone who aspires to master this field, because through them he will obtain certificates related to every aspect of the art of photography, including a certificate of the professional course in photography, or a certificate of photography in the field of forensic medicine, or Biological imaging, and others.[١]

Building a social network

The professional photographer must have strong and solid social relationships, and make a number of effective professional contacts, as this contributes to enhancing the opportunity to reach success in this field, while making sure to participate in various photography competitions, and it is worth noting that every professional photographer must keep all His recent successful works are in a file to show the efficiency and quality of his photos whenever he wants, and they can be saved in a digital file to publish the works on the Internet.[٢]

Tips for beginners

There are many tips and guidelines that beginners should follow and pay attention to in order to reach professionalism in photography, most notably:[٣]

  • Familiarity with the basics of photography: that is, making sure to learn everything related to photography, in terms of knowing how to take a picture, determining the appropriate lighting, identifying the lens, determining the width or depth of the image and other important matters.
  • Getting to know the camera: The photographer must familiarize themselves with the parts and functions of the camera and get used to them.
  • Owning a camera: The novice photographer must own his own camera, knowing that choosing a specific brand or type of camera is not important for novice photographers, and they can also buy cameras previously used by other people.

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How to be a professional photographer

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