Trip arrangement

The spread of fast food restaurants in our time has led to the forgetting of the best way to serve dinner and arrange the table. In the past, women used to pay attention to the smallest details of dinner plans for family and friends, but now the affair has become a quick meal from a restaurant.

It is important to arrange the dinner table for the guests; It is one of the things that has been inherited from one generation to another, and we must not forget our values ​​and customs for the sake of our personal comfort. Arranging the table does not require much effort, but the woman must be aware and knowledgeable about the principles of preparing the dinner table, especially if the incoming guests are strangers; Like a spouse’s friends or co-workers.

How to arrange the dinner table

General setting

  • The woman must decide the number and quality of meals that she will offer to the guests for dinner, such as making appetizers, the main or second dish, and then the third dish or desserts with tea.
  • Choosing special utensils and dishes, before starting to arrange the trip, the woman should make sure that there are dishes and utensils suitable for dinner, in addition to the full equipment for eating, including spoons, forks and knives.
  • Placing the dishes on the table, and the main piece is a large dish that is placed under the other serving dishes, and this dish is kept on the table until the first or main dish is finished and then it is removed.
  • After the large plate is placed in the middle, a plate of butter or bread is placed on top of it and a little to the north.
  • Place eating utensils. On the left side of the large plate, the salad fork, fish fork, and the main dish fork are placed. On the right side, the dinner knife, fish knife, and soup spoon are placed.

Above the upper plate, the dessert spoon and fork are placed horizontally, and the butter knife is placed obliquely on the baking and butter plate.

  • Putting the cups for the dinner that will be served, the cup varies according to the quality of the dinner, it is known that a cup for water and another for juice should be placed, and the cup for water is placed above the knives, and to the right of it is the juice cup.
  • Place napkins on top of all dishes, or beside them, and decorate them by rolling them.

Preparing the table for every meal

  • Arranging the table for soup, and here it is possible to choose from two ways of serving, one of which is to put the soup in two large serving bowls; So that the appropriate amount is poured for each person according to his desire, and the second way is to pour the soup into the dish in the kitchen, and then present it to the guest, and his spoon must be available next to the dish.
  • Prepare the table for fish or meat. After you have finished removing the soup plate, you must serve the main dish, which usually consists of; Fish, meat, or chicken according to the person’s desire, and it is placed on a large plate, and eaten with a fork and a special knife.
  • Setting the table for dessert, which is usually the final dish at every dinner, and is served with tea or coffee.

How to arrange dinner

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