Facial Wash

Washing the face helps to clean the skin of dirt and oils, it also removes the remnants of previous make-up, and it is preferable to choose a face wash that suits the nature of the skin, through:[1]

  • Use an anti-inflammatory, soap-free cleanser to reduce redness and calm skin.
  • If the skin is dry, it can be moisturized with a cleansing balm filled with emollients.
  • If the skin is oily, cleansing clay can be used, because charcoal and clay open the pores and help remove excess oils.
  • If the skin is complex, you can use a cleansing gel that removes oils, in addition to being lightly moisturized.
  • If the skin is sensitive, cleansing milk can be used; This is because it contains less water and more nutrients.

Moisturizing mode

A moisturizer with sunscreen should be applied before applying make-up; In order to obtain a radiant skin, and to help protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, on the other hand, if the skin is dry, it is preferable to choose a creamy moisturizer, and to choose a gel moisturizer, if the skin is oily.[1]

Primer application

The primer can be used, by applying it to the skin and rubbing it with the fingers, as it softens the skin and adds luster, and reduces the size of the pores, in addition to helping to install makeup.[1]

Apply foundation

Applying the foundation in a way that makes the skin natural, by using the foundation brush, and placing it starting from the middle of the face and then merging it outwards, and it is possible to use a wet sponge (beautyblender) as it prevents the absorption of any part of the product that was placed on the face.[2]

hide flaws

This is done by applying concealer to hide any defects or redness that may occur, and it is preferable to apply it by hand until the intended area is covered.[2]

powder setting

It is preferable to put some powder to install the foundation cream, and it is applied all over the face using the brush, and you can choose pressed or non-pressed powder, taking into account the type of skin. Areas that shine, such as under the eyes and around the nose.[3]

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How to apply foundation

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