Download the Instagram app

The first step in activating Instagram on the mobile device is to download the Instagram application and install it on the device. The source from which it is downloaded varies according to the type of device according to the following:[1][2]

  • The Instagram app for iOS devices is downloaded from the App Store via the following link:
  • The Instagram app for Android devices is downloaded from the Google Play Store via the following link:

As for computers, the only way to use Instagram on them is through the website.

Create an Instagram account

The second step in activating Instagram is to create a special account on Instagram, and this step can be started once the application has been downloaded and installed on the device, by:[1]

  • Click on the app icon to open it.
  • Click on the “Sign Up With Email or Phone Number” option.
  • Fill in the email or phone number as selected previously.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Fill in the user name and password, fill in the required information in the person’s profile, then click on Done.

The previous steps can also be replaced by a prompt to register for Instagram using the Facebook account, with the need to log in to it first if you have already logged out.

How to save data when using Instagram

The Instagram application is considered one of the applications that consumes a large amount of mobile data, especially when it downloads photos or videos, and its consumption of data can be reduced by:[3]

  • Open the Instagram app, then open the profile.
  • Enter the settings page by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Scroll down the Settings page until you reach the Mobile Data Use option.
  • Select the Use Less Data option.

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