How much is the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals? Annual and monthly? How much is stc netflix subscription? The netflix platform is among the most famous entertainment platforms in the world, where you can watch exclusive movies and series by making your own annual or monthly subscription, and many in Saudi Arabia are wondering about the subscription prices for the Netflix platform in Saudi riyals, through a useful site we will learn about Prices in detail.

What is the Netflix platform?

Before we know what the annual and monthly subscription price for Netflix is ​​in Saudi riyals, come with us to find out what this global platform is:

  • It is an American entertainment platform or network used to stream exclusive series, television shows, and movies via paid subscriptions.
  • It is a platform that provides visuals for many age groups in various fields, cultural films, entertainment, fun and other things that amuse the time (of course there is immoral content that you should beware of to protect yourself and your children).
  • It is one of the American entertainment companies that also show anime films and various television programs that entertain people.
  • You can take advantage of the offers on this platform by making a paid Netflix subscription, as the platform is not free and aims primarily to profit.
  • You can watch your movies and series on the smart TV screen, as it is available as an application on TVs, in addition to providing the download of the Netflix application for Android and iPhone iOS.
  • You can also get TV shows via Blu-ray discs, which you can rent through the company’s main branches around the world.

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How much is the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals?

How much is the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals?

  • Subscription packages to the netflix entertainment service vary, as the entertainment company provides three packages, and one package varies between a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Many are looking for the price of subscription to Netflix in Saudi riyals, in the Gulf country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other Arab Gulf countries.
  • Netflix monthly subscription starts at 32 SAR up to 61 SAR And that, as we mentioned, depends on the packages you want to subscribe to, which are the basic, standard, and premium packages.
  • In the following paragraphs, here is an explanation of the monthly Netflix subscription prices as follows:

Netflix basic package subscription price

  • The subscription price for the basic package is only 32 Saudi riyals.
  • This amount is deducted and paid on a monthly basis.
  • The package carries a lot of features, among which there are no restrictions on the number of movies or hours of watching.
  • You can play it on many devices such as TV screens, smartphones and many other devices.
  • You cannot run the package on more than one device at the same time.

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Netflix Standard Package Subscription Price

  • This package comes in the middle, and in terms of price, you will have to pay an amount of 43 Saudi riyals if you wish to subscribe.
  • One of its advantages is the ability to operate two devices or screens at the same time with the same subscription and on the same account.
  • There is no limit to the movies and series that you can watch.
  • High definition HD when watching.

netflix premium package price

  • The price of subscribing to Netflix within the premium package is 61 SAR.
  • It is the most expensive of the three packages.
  • It carries a lot of exclusive benefits that differ from the lower-priced packages or plans, and you can operate four devices on the same account.
  • High video display resolutions starting from HD and Ultra HD.
  • The package works on many devices.

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What is the annual Netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals

We knew how much the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals per month, but there are those who wish to subscribe annually, and here is the list about the price of Netflix packages within the annual subscription, which is as follows:

How much is the annual netflix subscription?

  • The price of the basic Netflix package is approximately 360 Saudi riyals only.
  • The price of the standard Netflix package is only 450 riyals.
  • The annual subscription for the premium package is approximately 540 Saudi riyals.

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How much is the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals?

How much is stc netflix subscription

If you like the prices, you can subscribe to Netflix with an STC card, by following the steps as follows:

  • Go to the Netflix website, click here.
  • Type your phone number at the top of the page.
  • Log in to the account.
  • Wait for the verification code to arrive by SMS to your mobile.
  • Click Confirm Number.
  • Click Continue to the payment page and make a subscription.
  • Your bill will be added within the STC services, where the subscription will be paid monthly and annually according to the type of your subscription.

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How to Subscribe to Netflix with Al Rajhi Card

You may not have an STC account and want to subscribe using the Al-Rajhi card, which is one of the most famous Saudi banks, and after you know how much the netflix subscription price is in Saudi riyals, you can make a subscription using the card through the steps as follows:

  • Go to the netflix website link via the previous link.
  • Log in to your account by typing your email.
  • Click on the “Start” option to begin your subscription process.
  • Choose the type of card, in this case it will be Al Rajhi Card.
  • Start filling in the data and information accurately.
  • Select the desired payment method.
  • Enter your card information in Al Rajhi Bank.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the option (Start Member).
  • The amount will be deducted and a message will be sent that the transaction was successful.

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In today’s article, we learned about How much is the netflix subscription price in Saudi riyals? In it, we discussed the prices of the three basic, standard, and premium Netflix packages, in addition to learning how to subscribe to Netflix through the STC service and the Al-Rajhi card.

common questions

How much is a netflix subscription?

Subscription varies according to the package you want to subscribe to. There are 3 packages, which are the basic package, the standard package, and finally the premium package. Each package has its price, starting from 32 Saudi riyals up to 61 riyals for the premium package, which has many advantages.

How much is the annual netflix subscription?

The price of the annual subscription to Netflix starts from 360 riyals for the basic package, the standard package is 450 riyals, and the premium package is 540 riyals.

How much to subscribe to Netflix with mada card

You can also subscribe to the Netflix entertainment service through the Saudi mada card, which is among the best electronic payment methods that you can use to pay for your special subscription.