The climate is subject to many changes, so the weather varies in one season, and is exposed to several fluctuations, and nowadays, climate changes have increased due to air pollution, and other factors that have led to weather disturbances. Sometimes we live in a state of interruption of rain, so we resort to praying rain for rain, and in this article we will learn about this prayer in terms of its definition, ruling, time, and how to perform it?

Prayers for rain

Prayer for rain: It is a way to ask God Almighty for watering and relief, when the rain breaks for the people for a long time, so they turn to God Almighty by performing this prayer when the rain decreases, and drought and drought destroy the land and crops.

Prayers for rain

Drainage is a confirmed Sunnah inherited from the Noble Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him -. It was proven on the authority of the Prophet – peace be upon him – that according to what Abbad bin Tamim narrated on the authority of his uncle, he said: “The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – went out to the prayer-place for rain, faced the Qiblah and prayed. two rak’ahs, and he turned his cloak: that is, put the right hand upon the left.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

The time for raindrops

The rain prayer does not have a specific time during which it is obligatory, so it is permissible to perform it at any time of the day or night, except for the times when it is forbidden to pray, which are:

  • From after dawn prayer until sunrise.
  • From after the afternoon prayer until sunset.
  • When the sun is in the middle of the sky and spreads its rays.

How to pray for rain

The rain prayer does not differ from the Eid prayer in the number of its rak’ahs and the number of its magnifications.

  • The takbeer is seven times after the takbeer of Ihram in the first rak’ah, and five takbeers after the takbeer of standing in the second rak’ah, and then the Muslim completes his prayer, according to the adherents of the Shafi’i school.
  • The takbeer is six takbeers after the takbeer of Ihram in the first rak’ah, according to the adherents of the Hanbali and Maliki madhhabs, and the second rak’ah is uncontroversial.
  • The rain prayer is like the supererogatory prayer, two units of prayer are prayed, without an increase in the number of takbirs, according to al-Awza’i, Abu Thawr and Ishaq.

The dropsy sermon

Muslim scholars and scholars of jurisprudence differed about the time of the sermon for rain, some of them said that the sermon is before the prayer, while some of them went to say that the sermon is after the performance of the prayer, and the result of this difference is the permissibility of delivering the sermon for rain before or after the prayer.

As for whether it is one sermon or two sermons, the adherents of the Shafi’i and Maliki madhhabs said that it is: two sermons, like the Friday prayer.

How many sermons to pray for rain

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