North Amarica

North America is located in the northern half of the Earth, and in terms of area, it is the third largest continent after Asia and Africa; Its area is estimated at 24,709,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to approximately 16.5% of the land area on Earth. It is also classified as the fourth most populous continent after Asia, Africa and Europe. North America is bordered by three oceans: the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north, and South America to the south.

Geographical nature

North America is characterized by two important parts related to its geographical nature: the Mississippi River, and the Great Plains, where the Mississippi River is located in the northeast of North America with a length of 6270 km. As for the Great Plains, it is a high and wide plateau extending to the east of the Rocky Mountains, to the edge of the Canadian Shield and the western edges of the Appalachian Plateau, where this region includes large areas of trees, valleys, and rivers.

North American countries

The number of North American countries is 23 sovereign countries, and the rest are non-independent and unrecognized countries, in addition to a group of islands surrounding the continent. The United States of America, Mexico, and Canada are the most important countries on the continent.

  • The United States of America: is the country with the largest population, and its capital is Washington, which is made up of fifty states, in addition to the state of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, and Alaska, which has the largest economic system on the continent, and English is the official language.
  • Canada: is the largest country in terms of area, and its capital is the city of Ottawa. It also includes many islands, including: Newfoundland Island, Cape Breton Island, Baffin Islands, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte, Ellesmere, and Prince Edward Island, and it comes in second place from Where is the economy, and the official language of the population is French and English.
  • Mexico: It is the second largest country in the continent in terms of population, and its capital is Mexico City, and its official language is Spanish, in addition to it owns a group of islands called the Revilagedo Islands.

How many countries are in North America?

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