Obesity problem

Recent studies have recently confirmed that people’s susceptibility to obesity varies completely from one person to another, even if they ate the same amount of calories, and they are completely similar in daily lifestyle, type of food, and physical activity, and this confirms the individual acceptance of obesity from one person to another.

It has become very easy to calculate the calories of the meals eaten daily using specially designed programs to calculate them, and this has facilitated the process of losing or gaining weight in a healthy and safe manner.


  • Calorie: It is the energy required to raise the temperature of a kilogram of water by one degree Celsius.
  • Nutrition experts have defined it as the amount of energy the body needs to carry out daily vital functions, and it varies from person to person, and between males and females. Nutrition experts have determined the amount of calories needed for men to be one thousand five hundred calories daily, and for females one thousand and two hundred daily calories.

Calculate the amount of calories

Calories are defined by nutrition experts as units of energy that food provides to the body, regardless of its source, whether this energy is provided by carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, which give the body the most energy, so that the calories are perfectly balanced in the body, We have to calculate the calories entered with the calories consumed by the individual per day, which includes normal bodily functions, and the practice of daily activities, with any physical exercise, or sports effort.

In order to get a balance in calories, there must be a balanced equation between the amount of calories in food and drink consumed per day with the amount of body burning of those calories, and the amount of physical effort that the individual exercises, and to maintain our ideal body weight we must reduce the amount of calories The calories consumed in each food portion, so that we force the body to expend the energy stored in it in the form of accumulated fats, and this rule also breaks the problem of weight stability, and it applies to people who want to gain weight as well.

To lose one to two kilograms per week, for example, we have to reduce the amount of calories from five hundred to a thousand calories per day, and in order to calculate the calories we eat on a daily basis and accurately, we must write down the meals we eat throughout the day, with drinks, and snacks, even We literally limit every calorie that enters the body in a scientific and correct way.

How many calories should be burned per day

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