The prickly pear is a type of fruit that has a distinctive delicious taste and many health benefits for the body, and it is consumed in kitchens around the world in preparing juices, jams and many other dishes. from this article.

calories in prickly pear

calories in prickly pear
calories in prickly pear

There is no doubt that the prickly pear is one of the rich sources of many different nutritional values, as it is a rich source of fiber and many other vitamins and minerals. One cup, which is equivalent to 149 grams of prickly pear, contains the following elements:

  • calories in prickly pear 61 calories
  • One gram of protein
  • One gram of fat
  • 14 carbohydrate grams
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • %30 of the daily value for magnesium
  • %23 of the daily value of vitamin C
  • %7 of the daily value for potassium
  • %6 of the daily value of calcium

Thus, we find that the prickly pear is one of the rich sources of dietary fiber, providing about 19% of the daily value needed. These fibers are divided into water-soluble and insoluble fibers, but in the end they help in healthy digestion of food.

The prickly pear also contains many beneficial plant compounds, in addition to phenolic acids and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants in turn help prevent oxidative damage caused by reactive molecules known as free radicals, which cause many serious diseases such as cancers.

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The most important health benefits of the prickly pear

calories in prickly pear
calories in prickly pear

Through the research that has been done on the nutritional benefits that the prickly pear provides to the body, a group of effective health-promoting benefits has been reached, the most important of which are the following:

Promotes weight loss

The many fibers contained in the prickly pear help in losing weight, the same was confirmed by a study of 20 people, where they were asked to eat two fruits of the prickly pear 3 times a day, immediately after eating those fruits, the researchers noticed an increase in the secretion of fat in their stool, by More than other placebo treatments have been used.

Benefits of prickly pear for skin and hair

The prickly pear is one of the ingredients that is used a lot for hair and skin care, as this fruit contains many natural compounds and nutrients, especially vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, all of these elements work together in maintaining the freshness of the skin and healthy hair.

The same thing was confirmed by a study of 18 people who ate 250 grams of prickly pear pulp twice a week, whose benefits were similar to vitamin C and E and many other vitamins and antioxidants, which in turn enhance the health of the skin and hair, by protecting against damage. They suffer from oxidative stress related to aging, inflammation, exposure to the sun, or perhaps other reasons, so if you want to have beautiful hair and healthy skin, we recommend applying this fruit as a natural mask on them.

Diabetes prevention

Among the potential benefits of the prickly pear also is its ability to address the complications of diabetes, as water-soluble fiber has effective properties in lowering blood sugar, in addition to its benefits in lowering blood fat levels, the same was confirmed by some preliminary studies conducted on humans. It showed that consumption of prickly pear may reduce fasting blood sugar levels and post-meal insulin levels in healthy adults with type 2 diabetes.

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Treats liver problems

The prickly pear has been used throughout the ages as an effective treatment for many different liver problems, and the same has been confirmed by several recent studies, which indicated that the antioxidant compounds present in thistle figs help protect against inflammation and oxidative stress that can damage the liver.

And through another study conducted on mice, it was found that prickly pear juice helps prevent liver injury caused by alcohol consumption in large quantities, by enhancing antioxidant status and preventing oxidative damage caused by alcohol. Drinking alcohol, it was found that this helps reduce headache symptoms and signs of inflammation in the blood more than any other placebo treatment.

However, this matter still needs more research and study, to understand the effects of the prickly pear more on the health of the liver in particular and the body in general.

Here ends today’s article in which you learned about the number of calories in the prickly pear and the most important nutrients it contains, in addition to the high nutritional values ​​it contains. Our next articles.

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