Peach is a delicious summer fruit that is often used in the preparation of juices, delicious dessert dishes and many other recipes, and not only the delicious taste is what distinguishes this fruit, but also what it contains of high nutritional value, so if you are looking for all the details of calories The calories in peaches and the most important nutrients they contain as well as the benefits they provide for the body, follow the following lines from this article to learn about all this and more.

The most important nutritional values ​​and calories in peaches

calories in peaches
calories in peaches

One peach, weighing 130 grams, contains many elements and nutritional values, as it contains many proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in addition to vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. As for the details of those values ​​and calories in peaches, they are as follows:

  • Calories in peaches: 51 calories
  • Fats: 3 grams
  • Sodium: 0 milligrams
  • carbohydrate: 4 grams
  • fiber food: 9 grams
  • sugars: 9 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Vitamin A: 8 micrograms

First: carbohydrates

One peach contains 4.14 grams of carbohydrates, along with 1.9 grams of fiber and 10.9 grams of sugar, which makes it one of the fruits with little effect on blood sugar.

Second: fats

Peaches are a low-fat fruit. They are a low-fat food. A small peach contains half a gram of heart-healthy, unsaturated fats.

Third: protein

Peach is not a protein-rich fruit, as one fruit contains only one gram of protein.

Fourth: vitamins and minerals

Peaches contain many vitamins and many other micronutrients, such as vitamin B and vitamin K in addition to vitamin A, in addition to many other minerals such as thiamine, niacin and riboflavin, and also contains 247 milligrams of potassium, which represents 7% of your needs recommended daily.

calories in peaches

One 130g peach contains 51 calories, 87% from carbohydrates, 5% from fat and 9% from protein.

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The most important health benefits of peaches

calories in peaches
calories in peaches

In addition to the delicious sweet taste of peaches, it is also characterized by containing many micronutrients and natural antioxidants, which in turn provide many benefits for the body, the most important of which are the following:

Natural anti-inflammatory

Peaches contain many antioxidants thanks to the fact that they contain vitamin C, which is one of the most famous vitamins in boosting immunity, while antioxidants are known for their anti-aging effectiveness and promote faster wound healing.

Fights dangerous diseases

As we mentioned before, peaches are among the fruits that provide many benefits to the body, as they are considered a rich source of fiber, which in turn helps remove cholesterol from the body and promotes intestinal health, in addition to its role in promoting a feeling of satiety, and helps to stabilize blood sugar.

Notably, a high-fiber diet can help prevent some different types of cancer and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity, in addition to promoting weight loss.

Improves the digestive process

Peaches provide the body with a healthy digestion, thanks to the fact that they contain both water-soluble and insoluble fibers. These fibers, in turn, help push the stools out, which reduces constipation. This is for the insoluble ones, and those that are soluble in water provide nourishment. For beneficial gut bacteria, which produce short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate and butyrate that nourish gut cells.

Supports heart health

Eating peaches may reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moreover, studies show that peaches may bind to bile acids, compounds that the liver produces from cholesterol, which can be eliminated along with the cholesterol they eventually contain. Through the stool, which may help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Maintains healthy skin

Peach has protective effects that help maintain healthy skin. Several studies suggest that the compounds in peaches may improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture and thus improve the texture of the skin itself. In addition, several studies have shown the effectiveness of peach extract when applied. Directly on the skin to prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays that cause many damages to the skin.

Thus, you have learned about the number of calories in peaches and the most important benefits that this delicious fruit provides to the body. We hope in the end that the article has won your admiration and see you on more interesting topics.

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