The lifespan of a bee

The kingdom of bees consists of three main individuals; They are the queen, male bees (in English: Drone) and workers, and each of them has a specific period of time for his life that depends on his role in the kingdom of bees. They live longer than other bees or even other insects; The average lifespan of the queen bee is from two to three years, and this time period may reach five years, and the life of the queen bee ends when she grows old and her productivity of eggs decreases, then the workers begin to feed the young bees and prepare them to replace the queen, and when they are ready, the workers kill The queen to ensure the continuity of the bee colony.[1]

life cycle of bees

Egg and larva stage

All the aforementioned types of bees share the first stages of their life cycle, which begins by laying long, white and thin eggs smaller than the size of a grain of rice inside the beehive or in one of the holes of this hive, and these eggs usually hatch from a small larva after Three days after laying, which is a small white worm, needs care throughout the day and night, and at the beginning of its life the larvae feed on royal jelly, which is prepared by the workers, and after a few days the larvae begin to feed on bread, which consists of: A mixture of honey and pollen, and at this stage the larvae remain inside the holes of the hive, and when this stage is near the end of this stage, the bees close them with wax to move to the next stage.[2]

Virgo phase

When the bees move from the larva stage to the pupal stage, body parts begin to form; such as wings, legs, internal organs, small external hair and the rest of the body of the adult member, and this growth is done using the fat that they stored in their bodies in the larva stage, and this growth process usually continues until the bees become a fully grown adult member, and this period takes about 21 days for the workers, and 24 days For males, this period is only 16 days for the queen bee; This is because they have a rich diet, and when the growth of bees is complete, the length of the queens’ bodies reaches about 2 cm, which is twice the length of the workers’ bodies, and despite the fact that the males’ bodies are slightly larger than the bodies of the workers, but their sizes are never compared to the sizes of the queens.[3]

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How long does a bee live?

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