The issue of lice and nits is one of the topics that provoke insomnia, and that it will turn with time into a dangerous pest whose presence poses a danger to the heads of people of all age groups, especially young ages, and we will learn through this article a set of information about this insect and effective ways to eliminate it. .

A louse is a parasitic insect that has six feet through which it crawls on the scalp and neck feeding on human blood. Its size is as small as a sesame seed and a little smaller, and with regard to the siban, it is nothing but lice eggs that they lay at the roots of the hair in contact with the scalp, their life is short, but they multiply quickly.

People with hair lice

The infestation of head lice is not limited to the young without the old or vice versa, everyone has the possibility of infection, but it is more common among children due to the constant contact with the heads of some in schools and kindergartens. To the heads of adults when forgetting, and to bring the head closer to children carrying lice.

Symptoms of lice infestation

  • Constant itching in different parts of the head.
  • The eggs are white in color. At first glance, the individual thinks that they are just a shell and keeps them in the hair, which results in the infestation of lice after these eggs hatch.
  • Seeing lice on the hair or neck, or while combing them in the comb.

Ways to get rid of lice

natural methods

  • Adding white vinegar to mayonnaise is intended to suffocate the lice and make the siban slip off the hair easily.
  • Applying tea tree oil to the scalp will kill these insects.
  • Adding a little vinegar to a quantity of honey has effective results in getting rid of lice and nits from the heads of males, because they have short hair.
  • Juice each of onion, parsley and sesame, to get rid of head lice.
  • Parsley seed powder with anise oil to get rid of lice and lice.

other ways

  • There is a group of home recipes, which serve the purpose of getting rid of lice without the need to consult a doctor, and which contain in their ingredients the nectar of purple.
  • There are combs designated for this purpose in pharmacies. They are thin combs that are very close to each other, but one of the disadvantages of this method is that it takes a relatively long period to get rid of lice permanently. Therefore, before using it, it is preferable to use a medical shampoo that specializes in anesthetizing and killing lice, and before cleaning the head, a piece of white cloth must be placed under hair, so that all these insects fall on them and be visible.

How do lice appear in the hair?

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