The olive tree is one of the blessed trees and lives for many years. The olive tree is distinguished by its ability to withstand drought due to its deep roots. The olive tree produces medium-sized fruits in general, larger than the hazelnut, with little benefit from these fruits for picking or extracting olive oil, and the olive tree has been mentioned In the Noble Qur’an and in the Holy Prophet’s guidance.[1]

olive oil benefits

Among the benefits of olive oil are the following:[2]

  • Helps reduce blood sugar.
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • Activates the secretions of the gallbladder.
  • Reduces atherosclerotic diseases.
  • Helps build cells, especially in children.
  • Reduces the symptoms of aging.

There are several methods for extracting olive oil, including the old methods that depended on the use of wheels of stones that rotated in a basin to thresh the olive fruits, and transformed them into groats with the addition of some water to the mixture, and then put quantities of this hay in pockets made of reinforced linen fibers (gaffs). It has a hole in the middle, these gauntlets are stacked in a piston fixed by a column that rises above the top of this piston, a great weight descends on the gauntlets and presses on the heap of gauntlets, and the oil begins to bleed into another container until the entire amount is dried, and so on, as for modern methods of extracting olive oil from the fruit of a tree Olives are made by automatic electrically operated machines through the following steps:[3]

  • Empty quantities of olives in a basin as a first step.
  • The quantity of olives is transferred by means of a moving skimmer to the washing basin to be washed and cleaned of the leaves by an air compressor.
  • The quantities of olives are transferred automatically to a completely closed basin, and the olives are mashed and turned into a fluid paste with heating, and the quantity remains for at least half an hour until it is well kneaded.
  • The quantity turns into a rectangular basin in which the discs constantly stir the mixture, with the addition of an amount of hot water, and the longer the stirring of the mixture, the faster the chances of obtaining the oil.
  • The mixture is transferred to the separator by means of special screws, and inside this separator the amount of oil is separated from the water in it by centrifugal method.
  • The oil is removed from the silage and filled with tank, and after a period of one week at most, it is ready for use.
  • After sorting the oil, there is a coarse, dry substance that consists of seed wood, and the remnants of the bark of the olive fruit. This substance is used for heating, as it is pressed in the form of molds, and dried to get rid of moisture. This quantity can also be dealt with in a technical way, re-squeezed, and the resulting oil is used to make soap.

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How is olive oil extracted?

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