Manufacture of oud oil with fungi or cracks

Agarwood oil is made in a way related to creating some cracks in the aromatic pine tree or by adding a kind of fungus to it. It is possible that insects can be used as an aid to complete this process. The tree produces a gum substance, also called agarwood oil, which is characterized by containing volatile organic compounds that contribute to delaying or preventing The growth of fungi, where the production of agarwood is closely related to different fungi, despite the lack of actual access to the specific type responsible for the formation of agarwood fat. At present, there are no alternatives to high quality agarwood oil, as the fungus affects only 7-10% of natural forest trees, in addition to the difficulty of industrially producing the main component of agarwood oil called (sesquiterpenes).[1]

The oil industry by distillation

Agarwood oil can be produced through the distillation process, and this process is characterized by its precise determination of the quantity and quality of agarwood fat that is produced. Then it is immersed in water and soaked, and after a period of soaking it is placed in special containers for distillation and steam, and when the oil floats, it is separated from the water, and placed in another container, and it becomes ready for use. water quality.[2]

The origin of the agarwood tree

The original home of the agarwood tree is Malaysia and Indonesia, and this did not prevent many different countries from producing distinctive agarwood products, and the regions extending from India through its eastern direction to the long road from the southeast side of the continent of Asia to the southern side of China became famous.[3]

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How is oudh made?

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