The appendix is ​​the last part of the cecum, and its length is about ten centimeters, and it is complementary to the lymphatic tissues in the intestine, and people are often exposed to swelling and an increase in the size of this appendix, and this phenomenon is dangerous and the patient must undergo surgery, to remove this swollen part; Because its survival threatens the life of the injured, and the reason for the swelling of the appendix is ​​its closure, and this closure is caused by the accumulation of barium in it, and this barium enters the body through seeds, fruits and worms and conducting radiological examinations, as well as due to excessive lymphatic tissue, as well as the closure occurs as a result of infection with some intestinal worms such as Ascaris worm It should be noted that the main cause of this disease is still unknown.

Symptoms of appendicitis

  • Pain in the middle of the abdomen, and these pains are usually irregular, they come and go at unspecified times.
  • Pain in the navel area, then this pain moves to the lower part of the right side in the patella, and this pain increases dramatically in a few hours.
  • Severe pain accompanying both walking and coughing.
  • Nausea and vomiting, as well as sometimes constipation and sometimes diarrhea.
  • Flatulence, due to the loss of the ability to get rid of flatulence.
  • A rise in temperature, accompanied by chills.
  • loss of appetite

Diagnosis of appendicitis

Diagnosis of the disease is based on the signs and the patient’s complaint, but confirmation of appendicitis is by conducting a set of tests, which are abdominal examinations represented by X-ray examination, computerized tomography, ultrasound, and pelvic endoscopy, as well as blood cell count examination white blood cells, the high number of these blood cells indicates the presence of inflammation

This is in addition to conducting a differential examination, and this examination includes all abdominal diseases, to ensure definitively the disease, and the most important abdominal diseases are acute gastroenteritis, appendiceal omental pancreas, mesenteric nodes and omental appendages, intussusception, Meckel’s diverticulum, ureteral stones, and urinary tract infection Yersinia, perforation of peptic ulcers, perforation of the large intestine, and also male diseases, such as: seminal vesicles, acute epididymitis, gynecological disorders, rupture of the follicle, embolism of mesenteric vessels, infections of the pleura and gallbladder, and hematomas in the abdominal wall.

appendicitis treatment

In most cases, the inflamed appendix is ​​removed by a surgical operation to extract and amputate the appendix, by making a large wound in the area located above the appendix, and the appendix operation is one of the most common wounds among people, and it is possible to provide antibiotics to the patient before the surgery, and from The patient may be exposed to some complications after the operation, including inflammation in the operation wound, or inflammation of the peritoneum.

How to be an appendix ache

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