How is air formed?

Air is the main component of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the air itself consists of a number of gases of light weight that rose to the top and remained in a state of floating in the void due to the gravity that controlled it and prevented it from leaving the atmosphere, so that these gases met in varying proportions together to form The so-called air, and nitrogen gas had the largest share, making up 78% of the air, and oxygen constituted 21% with a little water vapor, and some other gases in simple proportions such as carbon dioxide, argon and others.[1]

air properties

The formation of air from a number of gases and other materials is one of its properties, as it possesses some of the other properties, namely:[2]:-

  • The possibility of compressing air, as it is basically a mixture of gases, so a force and pressure can be applied to it.
  • The density of air has a direct relationship with the temperature, so that its density decreases with increasing temperature.
  • Air is made of molecules, so it also has mass and weight.
  • A column of air affecting a given area is called atmospheric pressure.

air pollution

Air pollution is one of the most serious challenges facing humanity Akmal, as air pollution is defined as the release of gases and particles of materials that exceed the ability of nature to get rid of them or contain them to the atmosphere, which causes health problems for humans and other living creatures,[3] Here are some of the causes of air pollution[4]:-

  • Harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other substances as a result of fuel combustion in vehicles and other means of transportation.
  • Harmful substances and gases from smoking.
  • Excessive cutting of trees, which leads to the destruction of the most important factories that consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which leads to an increase in the concentration of harmful carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Gases and smoke from burning wood.
  • Factory fumes.
  • Emissions from the process of burning fuel and natural gas in thermal power plants.

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How is air formed?

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