How far is the Jamarat station from the Haram? Or KDE parking how far from the campus? How far is Prince Miteb’s position from the Grand Mosque in Mecca? Many pilgrims and pilgrims ask these questions, which revolve around the position of the Jamarat and the positions of the pilgrims coming from Jeddah, in order to know the distance between the separation between the sanctuary in Mecca and the private parking, through a useful website, we will learn today about the position of the Jamarat Mecca how far from the sanctuary in detail.

What does the position of the Jamarat mean?

  • It is one of the types of Hajj rituals, as it is among the rituals of Hajj that every pilgrim and Muslim must perform.
  • The stoning of the Jamarat is on the tenth of Dhul-Hijjah.
  • The pilgrims go to stone the Jamarat, of which there are three, including Jamarat al-Kubra or Jamarat al-Aqaba, while throwing 7 pebbles as part of the rituals that the pilgrim performs each year.
  • On this day, 70 pebbles are collected in order to stoning Satan on the tenth of Dhul-Hijjah, by throwing the three pillars, and this is the night when the pilgrims spend the night in Muzdalifah.
  • The Jamarat stop is located in Wadi Mina, which is the valley from which all Hajj rituals begin.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia built a bridge called the Jamarat Bridge, which was erected in order to facilitate the journey of the pilgrims.

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How far is the Jamarat station from the Haram?

How far is the Jamarat station from the Haram?

  • Many pilgrims to the House of God are looking for What is the distance between the Jamarat and the Haram??
  • In this context, we can say that the Jamarat stop is about 6 km away from the sanctuary of Makkah.
  • Which requires him to ride and walk 10-15 minutes of time before you reach your destination.
  • Since the distance of six kilometers is the distance between the Holy Mosque in Mecca and between the Jamarat.
  • Those in charge of Hajj, represented by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, were interested in determining the distance between the special parking lots scattered in Mecca and the pilgrims.
  • You have precisely identified the roads that lead you to a position you want to reach, and they are the positions that lead you to any desired place you want to reach.

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Jamarat parking requires the purchase of a shuttle service

  • After we know the distance between the Jamarat and between the Holy Mosque in Mecca, it is important to say that this situation requires a purchase service for transportation.
  • The Umrahna application is one of the applications that help you obtain available transportation services.
  • In addition to the other services and features that the application provides, including the possibility of obtaining a Hajj permit for citizens and residents 2022.
  • Where you can also search for hotels near the Jamarat to stay overnight.
  • You can download the Umrahna application, the latest version for Android, by clicking here through the Google Play Store, and on the iTunes Store for iPhone iOS phones.
  • It provides you with the ability to reach the nearest stop to the Haram from Taif, Jeddah and other Saudi cities.

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How far is Prince Miteb’s position from the Grand Mosque in Mecca?

  • In a related context about the parking lot of the Jamarat, how far is it from the Haram, many are looking for the parking lot of Prince Mutaib.
  • Where the parking lot is tired from the Holy Sanctuary of Makkah, a distance of approximately six and a half kilometers, that is, half a kilometer more than the Jamarat parking.
  • It is one of the parking lots established by the Saudi Ministry of Interior represented by the traffic police in the holy city of Makkah, in order to facilitate the process of traffic for citizens and residents by walking in their cars with ease.
  • Which is the parking lot for pilgrims and pilgrims.
  • In these places, the citizen and resident stops, in order to complete his journey to Mecca by using the means of buses to reach Ajyad Al-Sad Street in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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How far is the Jamarat station from the Haram?

Kedi parking, how far is it from the campus

  • Kedi’s position is among the most useful positions for pilgrims and pilgrims in the Hijaz lands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is one of the free parking spaces announced by the General Motors Syndicate in Saudi Arabia in order to help pilgrims reach the holy sites in Medina and the honorable Mecca.
  • The Kudai stop is 3.6 km away from the Great Mosque of Mecca, and it is the nearest stop for Umrah from Jeddah.
  • It is the course that you can ride in a biography or any means of transportation to reach in a time of 10-15 minutes at the maximum.
  • And in it, you will definitely pass through the King Abdul Aziz tunnels that are linked to the parking lots of Kedi, including the parking lots of Kedi Zamzam and Kedi Makkah and other parking lots.
  • You can also access KDE through the service’s application via smart phones in Android and iPhone, which provides you with a complete map of your itinerary to reach Mecca and the Holy Mosque.
  • The Traffic Department in Saudi Arabia has allocated a number of other parking lots, including the refinery tunnels, Al-Zahir parking lot and many others.

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Finally, in today’s article, we learned about How far is the Jamarat station from the Haram? And in it we touched on a lot of information about this important position for every pilgrim and pilgrim who wants to visit the Hijazi lands in order to perform Umrah or Hajj in the House of God. The course is estimated at 6 km.

common questions

Is KDE parking free?

The parking lot of Mecca, Zamzam and others is free, and it is one of the tasks carried out by the Saudi Traffic Department in order to facilitate the task of walking for pilgrims and pilgrims to the House of God, especially with the approach of the Hajj season 2022-1443.

How much is KDE parking fee?

As we said, KDE is free, and there are no fees required from you.

What is the difference between the position of KDE and Jamarat?

Each of these positions has its own destination, in addition to the other Hajj and Omar positions such as Al-Zahir, Al-Masafi and Amir Miteb.