Imagine realizing a dream

Visualizing the realization of a dream is through visualizing the feeling when the dream is realized, and how life will change after its realization. Iacocca told me that the greatest discovery for mankind is their ability to change their lives by changing their way of thinking.[1]

Make a plan for the dream

Achieving the dream needs clear and sequential steps to work on achieving it, then identifying the main achievements that the individual aims to achieve, and how the dream can become realistic and real, as Stephen Covey said that everything is done twice, the first time being mental work, and the second physical work or Physicist, and therefore must be sure of the plan that the individual follows to achieve his dream.[1]

Belief in making a dream come true

Belief and belief in a dream is necessary to get the motivation to achieve it, as a person can know his capabilities if he is able to achieve his dream, or is unable to achieve it, or if he deserves to continue or stop achieving it.[2]

Expect to face difficulties

Achieving the dream is not impossible, but it is not easy at the same time, so you should not expect an easy way to achieve it, and you should expect to face difficulties. The right expectations at the beginning of the road make achieving the dream much easier; Because the individual will not be surprised when facing obstacles that prevent him from achieving his dream.[2]

asking for help

It is difficult for an individual to achieve his dream alone, it is necessary to have people who provide him with support, assistance, and motivation to achieve the dream, as obtaining support from people close to the individual and from people in the community can help the individual feel that he is close to reaching his goal .[3]

self reward

This step is a self-motivation tool when making any progress towards a dream, and rewards can take many forms, but it is supposed to be something fun and related to the goal.[3]

the reviewer

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How does my dream come true?

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