The Facebook application was able to sweep the world in a few years, and was able to gather its diaspora within virtual web pages that bring people together at the same time. She was able to classify people’s interests within specific categories, through literary, cultural, social, political, and artistic pages, so that each user finds his desires and tendencies, and gets to know new friends within the framework of his interests and inclinations, so that Facebook is the first platform that helped people communicate and meet .

Everyone who has reached the age of eighteen can create an account on Facebook, and enjoy its features, so, in this article I will present to you a detailed way to create an account on Facebook.

Facebook business steps

Steps to follow to register

  • We enter our browser, write in the search box the following link to enter the official Facebook website, which is:
  • We can change the language by clicking on the change language option at the bottom of the page.
  • We go to the data registration page, and enter the basic information as follows:
  • First name, last name, and the name must be real.
  • E-mail, whether it is mail on Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, provided that it is effective.
  • We are rewriting the email again for confirmation.
  • We specify the password, or the new password provided that it is composed of six characters, composed of letters and numbers.
  • We also retype the password for verification purposes.
  • We specify the date of birth in detail, the day, the month, and the year.
  • We specify the gender, male or female.

Steps to follow after registration

  • Click on the word open a new Facebook account.
  • We go to the home page on Facebook, where we are asked to do three main steps; Which:
  • We now move to the email that we put in the Facebook account, in order to open the account activation message sent to us from the Facebook website, so that we have completed the creation of a new account on the Facebook application.
  • Import the email to inform friends that we have an account on Facebook, and this step can be skipped by clicking on the skip command.
  • Fill in some basic information about us: current city, origin, place of work, high school, university college, and we can skip these steps by pressing the skip command.
  • Specify the profile picture of the account, through which friends can recognize our new account, and this step can be skipped by pressing the Skip command, with the ability to reset this information at any other time

How does Facebook work?

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