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Saturday May 23, 2020

How does a diabetic treat wounds?

Diabetics note delay in healing wounds and injuries, and that applying first aid procedures is not sufficient to ensure rapid healing of wound, and foot injuries are considered most dangerous, especially as numbness gives a false feeling of safety. If you have diabetes, how to treat wounds:

Choosing right dressings and changing m regularly according to recommendations is important, and eating healthy foods rich in zinc and vitamin “C”

* Check for wounds regularly, especially foot, and review integrity of skin from any scratch daily in evening, any neglect may lead to serious complications.

* When monitoring any scratch or wound on any part of body, do first aid immediately, and do not neglect dressing wound.

* Choosing appropriate dressings is important, and you can consult a doctor about this, and changing m at rate recommended by doctor will include maintaining level of moisture around wound as it should.

* Not changing bandage or choosing an inappropriate type will delay healing, and may result in anor infection.

Maintaining blood glucose at required level is key to speedy wound healing, and guarantor of no delayed healing.

* Make sure to stimulate blood circulation to ensure blood arrives and wounds heal quickly. To do this, do exercises, and massage helps to stimulate blood circulation and boost blood supply to cells.

* Follow a healthy diet, so that your body gets zinc, vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, without consuming too many calories or eating too much carbohydrates, fats and sugars.

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