separate clothes

First, the newborn baby’s clothes should be separated according to their color before starting to wash them. For example, white clothes should be grouped together, light-colored clothes together, and dark clothes together in a third place, which leads to the protection of white clothes, and light clothes from stains and pigmentation that transfer them to them. Dark-coloured clothing.[1]

Use laundry detergent

Biological detergents contain enzymes that contribute to removing stains, but some parents are concerned about using them, believing that these enzymes will affect their children’s skin, although there is not much evidence of this; Which prompts them to use other non-biological cleansers for more safety, but if the child’s skin is very sensitive, it is better to use a baby cleanser,[2] As it does not contain heavy scents that cause rashes and skin irritation unlike regular detergents,[1] Taking into account the use of regular detergents in the event that the child is not disturbed, and sensitive to it.[3]

Temperature and wash cycles

Newborn baby clothes can be washed at a temperature of thirty or forty degrees Celsius, noting that washing at lower temperatures helps the family save money,[2] It is also recommended to run the rinse cycle twice on their clothes; This is to ensure that excess chemicals, dyes, and detergents are removed.[1]

Get rid of stubborn stains

Many solutions can be used when stains remain despite washing clothes as usual, including making a paste with a regular detergent with a stain remover spray, wetting the mixture with very hot water, and placing it on the stain before washing it, or you can use detergents that contain a lot of Era enzyme, and on the other hand It is possible to rely on the heat of the sun to get rid of stains completely, or to reduce them clearly, by laying the stained piece flat for an hour, or two hours under the sun, taking into account being careful of thin and fragile fabrics, and covering the non-soiled parts of the piece if it is it is possible; To avoid some color fading in the sun.[3]

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How do you wash the clothes of the newborn?

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