An important question comes to mind, namely, how does a nervous person get rid of his nervousness? This question preoccupies the minds of many people who suffer from nervousness, especially those who are subject to great life pressures, and feel that they are responsible for everything around them, or those who become irritable and angry quickly just because they felt the shortcomings of those around them in certain matters.

Nervousness is a factor destructive to an individual’s health and social life, and surrendering to it deprives the individual from living a healthy life that enjoys calm and tranquility. To reduce his nervousness.

the nervous person

A nervous person is a person who is irritable; So that he gets angry quickly and goes out of his way involuntarily, and he is a sensitive person who gets angry at situations that some may see as not calling for anger. A nervous person is a person who is unable to control and control himself. When he gets angry, words come out of him without feeling, and they would not have come out of him while he was calm. A nervous person likes to control those around him by giving them instructions, and gets angry if someone objects to his orders or if his instructions are not implemented. People see that the nervous person is the one who creates problems out of nothing, and this is what makes them avoid dealing with him; For fear of his anger.[1][2]

How to treat nervousness

First, one has to realize that nervousness is a negative trait, and if he wants to get rid of it, he must have a strong will to help him to do so. Then he must identify the reasons and problems that make him a nervous person; to be able to get rid of it,[2] Here are some tips that help get rid of nervousness:[3]

  • Setting goals: One must define his goals in life, and get rid of the trivial matters that disturb his thinking and preoccupy him from achieving his goals. In order to accomplish it to the fullest, this will make him keep calm as long as possible, and he must also think of the people he loves in order to stay away from pressure, and lose the sense of loneliness.
  • There is no superhuman: no superhero can do everything alone, so one must stop believing that he is superpowers; Because this is what makes him fall under great pressure, and he must also get rid of his desire to control everything at the expense of his health.
  • A person’s time is his property: a person must set a schedule for the completion of work, provided that he gives himself sufficient time to complete his work and reach his goals, and he should not wrong himself if an urgent matter occurred that led to delaying his achievement, as well as he must start his morning actively and eat a meal A healthy breakfast, and he remembers that calm is what makes him achieve his goals, and that emotion will not lead him to what he wants.
  • Not to give up easily: One has to remember that no matter how angry he gets, that will not change the course of events around him.
  • Staying away from the frustrated is an important step: one should avoid sitting with frustrated people or those who discourage him, and if he has to sit with them, he should not give them much attention, nor make them affect him.
  • Take a rest: one should pamper himself, relax, get enough rest, and take a break from time to time; So that he stays away from work pressures, anxiety and tension, which will make him finish his work calmly and at a specific time.
  • There is no point in nervousness: one must remember that there is no point in nervousness and constant agitation, but on the contrary; They reduce his activity and vitality, and cause him many diseases.
  • Not Expecting Perfection: One should take things simply, never make them too big, and never expect someone to be perfect.
  • Analysis of situations: One must sit with himself when he calms down, and remember the situations that angered him, and think if they really deserve to be angry for them, and think about the damage that resulted due to his nervousness and emotion, and he must imagine what would happen if he had acted calmly, Procedures will also help him if similar situations happen to him later.[4]

How to deal with a nervous person

Many life situations force one to deal with nervous people, so staying away from them and avoiding sitting with them is not a logical solution, and it is necessary to deal with them in a good manner that relieves their nervousness, and if one has to deal with nervous people, these are some tips that he should follow:[5]

  • Be patient when dealing with a nervous person: he must listen to his views, and choose the appropriate time to discuss them, and if a feeling arises that he is starting to get angry, it is better to end the dialogue with him or postpone it.
  • Knowing the reasons: One of the successful things in dealing with a nervous person is to know the reasons that make him angry; To avoid it, you must also avoid provoking him.
  • Not to lie to avoid nervousness: As a person’s admission of a guilt he did not commit to calm the situation will make the situation worse, so it is better to withdraw quietly, and choose the appropriate time to simply explain the situation.
  • Asking for help: If the nervous person is a close person, and deals with him constantly, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist, as this helps to understand him and know the appropriate way to deal with him.
  • Threatening to separate: A person’s threat to his friend or partner to separate may be a motive for him to reduce the severity of his nervousness, by telling him that he will withdraw from his life; To maintain his psychological calm, this may be a motive for a nervous person to change his temper.

The impact of nervousness on an individual’s life

A nervous person does not gain from his nervousness except the loss and his infection with diseases that may be chronic; Studies have proven that nervousness causes many diseases; where they weaken the immune system; Because lymphocytes are at their lowest levels, and this in turn causes many serious diseases, such as: cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and excess nervousness leads to a malfunction in the thyroid gland, and increases the production of the insulin-resistant hormone adrenaline, which leads to disease Diabetes, and one of the most famous diseases that affect humans due to nervousness is irritable bowel disease, which is accompanied by a defect in the functions of the digestive system, in addition to the above.[4][6]

As for socially, nervousness causes a person to lose people around him, so he becomes an untouchable and unwanted person, avoided by everyone, and between husbands may lead to divorce, and it also builds a barrier between parents and children, and it can lead a person to lose his work, especially if his work is one of The type that requires patience and calm, and this in turn leads the person to severe psychological damage, and nervousness may push the nervous person to act violently, or commit a crime; As the irritability causes him to act unconsciously.[4][6]

the reviewer

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How do you treat nervousness?

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