Sitting next to the person

You must make sure when declaring love to someone to sit next to him, approach him, and then whisper his permission and declare the feelings that the person has for him, despite the shame and confusion that may affect the person confessing love, but this method will increase the romance of this moment, It will make it one of the unforgettable moments.[1]

Express feelings

A person is advised, when declaring his feelings for someone, to express what he feels and what he feels about this person, for example: he must express how he feels when she is with him or his presence with him, and how just staying with him creates a feeling of safety, and how The person feels that he owns the universe and does his utmost to be the best in the eyes of the other party, and about feeling interest, joy, confidence, self-belief and other feelings that indicate falling in love.[2]

get attention

The person must make sure before declaring his feelings of love that the second party is fully attentive to what he will say, and that he gives him all his attention, so that nothing else occupies him, and it would also be better if the two parties look into each other’s eyes when he says (I love you), and if The second party is distracted, and you can draw his attention by saying to him: (I want to tell you something important).[3]

Choose the time and place

Care must be taken when declaring feelings of love towards someone to choose the right time and time, for example: in terms of the place, it must be a special place overlooking the beach or in the garden to make it a special memory, as for the time, it must be when both parties They are not busy and in no hurry so that the conversation does not get distracted and ends quickly.[4]

the reviewer

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How do you tell someone that you love them?

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