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Thursday November 12, 2020

How do you spend 3 days in Dubai?

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates includes almost endless tourist attractions that are worth a visit, and in fact, it is one of the most soughtafter tourist destinations in the world. In Dubai, the world collides, and every day you can discover a new adventure, a new record, or a new fun. If you are on a short trip to Dubai for 3 days and want to discover the best tourist things in it, we will present to you today how to spend 3 days of magic and enjoyment, knowing that Dubai deserves to spend more days in it if you can … Follow up with us this special trip.

First day

You can start the day of your exploration of Dubai by seeing the most famous landmarks close to each other. Downtown Dubai is a great starting point to start your beautiful adventure here, as many famous landmarks are located …

Dubai Mall, ice rink and aquarium

You may think that if you are visiting Dubai for the first time, visiting the “Dubai Mall” is not essential, especially since visiting the malls is not a tourist activity in the full sense, but the Dubai Mall is not like any other mall, so it is necessary during a trip to Dubai. The largest shopping center in the world is not only a shopah’s paradise but also a firstclass entertainment center. An entire day can easily be spent here, among the shops, the ice rink, dining options, the aquarium, the markets and more!

In the Dubai Mall, visitors can discover their skiing skills in an Olympicsized circuit, or move to Paris by visiting the famous Galeries Lafayette, which has a huge area. You can also spend an enjoyable time when you visit the “Sega Republic”, which includes hundreds of different video games, and take a trip In luxury, visit the gold market in the mall.

The Dubai Aquarium is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai, as it is one of the largest in the world … Take a trip under the sea at Underwater Zoo and walk under a tunnel full of sharks to see more than 33 thousand marine animals and learn about more than 200 marine entities and reveal the beauty of diversity here .

There are many activities to do in the aquarium, in addition to watching marine life, as the interactive approach guarantees fun for everyone, as you can discover 3 different natural areas with the marine life that you witness. The most unique thing is that visitors can dive with sharks! As this wonderful and safe experience will ensure that you dive into a cage to be near more than 100 species of huge marine creatures.

Burj Khalifa from the outside and the inside

The iconic Burj Khalifa dominates the landscape in Dubai, where you can see it almost everywhere in Dubai, even from the plane, and it represents a symbol of modernity and urbanism in Dubai and it is the tallest building in the world! You can spend time taking pictures and getting to know the attractive building from the outside and watching the light shows on it, but you can also enter it and live an unforgettable experience …

To get amazing panoramic views, go to the 124th floor of the tower and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery in front of you, including the famous Dubai skyscrapers adjacent to Old Dubai… Try to do this activity in the sunset because the scene becomes truly magical. You can also eat in one of the wonderful restaurants in the tower, which can be found on several floors.

It is also necessary to watch the Dubai Fountain shows, which offer the most beautiful light, sound and water shows, where you can watch water fountains dancing to the melodies of the most famous songs in an unparalleled magic show that sparkles in the middle of Dubai every night. For an excellent experience, you can watch the show in exceptional style by taking a ferry trip on the industrial lake in the middle of the city …

Dubai Opera and Souk Bahar

At the end of your first day you can visit Souk -Bahar, a contemporary market with a traditional Arabic feel, with stone walkways, high arches, unique shapes, and much more. The wonderful mix of the present and the past makes this place a great place to dine. There are many restaurants and cafes in the place, which overlook the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, and you can enjoy one of these many places.

It is also necessary to visit the Dubai Opera, which is an engineering masterpiece that hosts the most important international concerts and interesting performances. You can attend one of these shows or take a tour of this important cultural landmark on your first day.

the second day

On the second day of visiting Dubai, you will experience times full of excitement as you immerse yourself in the historical character of Dubai, with its traditional souks, rugged deserts and more.

Old Dubai

Immerse yourself in the true authenticity of Dubai in the old part of it and despite the tremendous progress in the city, adhering to these traditions and Arab originality is an essential part of the identity of Dubai … In old Dubai there are wonderful experiences to discover, from the gold market, which includes almost countless stores, some of them at amazing prices , Passing through the large market that includes almost everything from herbs, spices, perfumes and gifts, all the way to the Dubai Creek, which you will take a fun trip on the traditional wooden ferry in the middle of the lake for one dirham!

It is also imperative to visit Dubai Heritage nearby, which provides a distinctive historical journey on the history of Dubai and how it transformed, rose, and became a global city as it is today. The Seef area can be visited, which represents a meeting point between old and modern Dubai, and includes dozens of restaurants, cafes and shops, along with a distinctive promenade overlooking the sea.

Unique activities

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Then you can move to the Grand Mosque, which shows the wonderful Islamic architecture and is painted white. The mosque has 9 large domes 45 small …

For an afternoon, you can choose between visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden, which includes millions of colorful flowers and more than 15,000 butterflies in an enchanting scene, or visiting the Dubai Frame, which was completed in 2015 and is 150 meters high and 93 meters wide, designed to show the emirate’s landmarks Dubai, the present and the past together in a huge artistic icon.

And if you are visiting Dubai during the period when the Global Village opens its doors (between October and April soon), you should include it among your tourism plans, as it is one of the largest cultural parks in the world. Currently, Global Village extends over an area of ​​1.6 million square meters and includes various options for entertainment, shopping, dining and theme parks, taking visitors on an amazing journey across the world that brings cultures together and brings civilizations closer.

Experience the Dubai desert at night

The Arabian desert experience grabs the spotlight on this second night with a visit to make an amazing trip in the heart of towering sand dunes, beautiful scenery, and immersion in the heart of the desert. The tour includes watching the desert from the top of the sand dunes, a fourwheel drive tour, and a Bedouin camp where you can learn about the culture of the inhabitants of this region, get henna, drink tea and others …

the third day

Start your third day of the 3 day excursion in Dubai Marina, The most luxurious part of Dubai!

Embrace modernity and skyscrapers, along with gorgeous boats and boulevards, and choose a café for breakfast with a view of the hundreds of yachts dotting the marina. Then embark on an exciting 90minute sightseeing tour by speedboat on a cruise around the coastal landmarks of Dubai and get a view of the famous Burj Arab from the sea.

You can then move to “Mall of the Emirates” with its wonderful activities, as there is no place in the world where you can shop and spend amazing times skiing on the snowy slopes in “Ski Dubai”. Here you can fight “snowball” battles, interact with penguins, rush to a ski slope, try skiing or play in the snow. You can even relax in a café inside this winter wonderland with a hot cup of coffee and great views… all inside a mall.

But if you love the sea, you cannot forget to visit one of Beaches The wonderful public in Dubai, especially Kite Beach, where you can practice many wonderful sports activities, eat and enjoy the Dubai sun and its warm waters, or the attractive Jumeirah Beach that extends over a long area. You can also visit one of hundreds of highend resorts in Dubai to spend unforgettable times.

For more fun on your last day, you should visit.Palm Jumeirah“It was built from a group of artificial archipelagos in the shape of a palm tree and is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai. The Palm Island is equipped with roads, tunnels and public transportation that enables visitors to reach many hotels and restaurants on the island. Visitors can also ride the “Monorail” of Palm Jumeirah, which connects to the “Atlantis The Palm” luxury resort.

Several private tour companies provide fast sailing yachts and boats for transportation around Palm Jumeirah. Adventure lovers can try skydiving over the island.

This is just the tip of the Dubai tourism iceberg … What will you choose between these exceptional activities?

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