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Tuesday September 29, 2020

How do you spend 3 days in Bosnia? Tourism in Bosnia

In the summer of 2015, I fell in my hand on a novel that takes place in several southern European countries, including Bosnia, so the story takes place in both the capital, Sarajevo, and the second most important city, Mostar | Mostar then has a lot of curiosity to visit this country which is very similar to us in its customs, traditions and even many types of foods and drinks, to get to know it more closely, and this is what happened two years after I finished reading that book.

Dobrodošli u Bosnu / Welcome to Bosnia.

In this article, I will not dwell on the war, which the country is still suffering from its consequences even after the passing of a quarter century after its end, but I will talk about how you, dear reader, can spend a 3day trip enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of this country that seeks to return strongly to the map of global tourism .

The best time of the year to visit Bosnia

The weather in Bosnia is characterized by two distinct climates, so the Mediterranean climate appears in the southern part, while the semicontinental climate prevails in the northern part of the country, so the best time to visit Bosnia remains linked to what you intend to do and preferences, dear reader.

The city opens its arms in the hot summer season to large numbers of hikers, nature lovers and adventure seekers who flock to the mountains to enjoy the sunny climate, while the fields surrounding Bosnian towns and cities wear a wonderful flower suit during the spring, so the temperatures remain moderate throughout the day. It is the ideal time for walks and family tours.

If you love nature in the fall season, you will find your way in Bosnia in October and November, when forests and city streets are covered with a mesmerizing mixture of autumnal colors, ranging between yellow and orange.

In winter, Bosnia is an attractive destination for ski enthusiasts to have fun alpine adventures. The period between January and March is the best time for skiers to enjoy the beautiful slopes. And Bosnia is characterized by wonderful Olympic ski areas in the mountains of Ijman, Jahorina and Bjelašnica, and winter is the peak season in Bosnia to witness an influx of tourists. Make sure to plan your visit well in advance and to book a hotel near the ski lift.

Where do we start our journey to make the most of these 3 days?

Day 1 / Sarajevo | Sarajevo

Or “the dream city” as it is sometimes called, it is about 15 km from Bosnia’s International Airport.

It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is located in a valley surrounded by hills and the Dinaric Alps.

The city is characterized by an interesting history that you can touch between the old walls and antique buildings as well as the historic cobbled alleys and therefore it is considered one of the most impressive historical cities in Europe where the East meets the West through the historical sites that are rich in them.

The city must be on the list of travel plans for all travel and tourism lovers around the world, as in addition to being a historic city, it is rich in activities that can be done as well as being an openair museum.

Activities that can be done in the old city of Sarajevo include walking around the city and getting lost even a little in its narrow small alleys. You can also cross the Miljaca River, on foot through Bascarsija, Sarajevo’s Old Bazaar, and there you will find the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina, It is known as the Ghazi Khusraw Bey Mosque, which dates back to the 16th century, with opportunities to discover wonderful ancient fountains whose features feature historical landmarks, in addition to the possibility of visiting the Clock Tower.

Do not forget, dear reader, to taste delicious local food, especially popular foods, as the restaurants in Sarajevo contain many of the best popular foods, as well as low calories in foods, and the balance between European and Eastern foods, among the most famous of which are:

The Burek: Where boric bread is one of the popular dishes preferred by the locals in Sarajevo, and it is considered a daily meal in their diet.


It is often eaten at lunch and consists of a mixture of minced lamb and beef, with a special spice mixture, and is grilled in the form of fingers like sausage to be served later with pieces of Bosnian pita bread, in addition to sliced ​​onions and sour cream.

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One of the most beautiful experiences that can be done after a busy day in Bosnia is to sit in one of the old city cafes and taste Bosnian coffee, which is very similar to Turkish coffee in terms of preparation and presentation, but the Bosnians confirm that it is completely different from Turkish coffee.

Other attractions include a visit to the Olympic site, deserted since the 1984 Olympics, and other shopping sites and main streets that give you the opportunity to discover the pulse of the city among the locals.

In Sarajevo there are many wonderful hotels that you can stay at when visiting the city, such as: Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo, President Hotel Sarajevo, Hotel Radon Plaza, Hotel Izza Bigov Hammam, Bristol Hotel Sarajevo, VIP Hotel, Boutique City Hotel, Hotel Old Town, Story Hostel.

Day two / Mostar | Mostar

From Sarajevo, head south using public transport or a private car, as within two and a half hours you will have reached Mostar, the famous and wellknown city among fans of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar is a lot like mythical cities because there is nothing in it that you cannot impress you as you will fall in love with everything you meet there, it has a lot of major attractions,

The old bridge: You will know it from the very first time, because it is very popular in the country, especially with it being a place with a rich history that extends to more than 427 years, and it was demolished by the Croatian army in 1993, but in 2004 it was renewed and it was included under the protection of UNESCO.

The city also contains much more than just an old bridge, hiking through the forestcovered mountains and nearby villages will restore you vitality and activity. You can also go to visit the holy sites that contain strange statues, and you can also visit cities that have existed since the Middle Ages and swim under Waterfalls and exploring the ruins of deserted places.

Going to art street: Which will amaze you and arouse your admiration, as it allows tourists to learn about the culture and beliefs of the city in a unique, distinctive and wonderful way, and there is also a festival held in this street annually in the spring season where artists come from all over the world to create new murals and other Impressive artwork … this place definitely deserves more attention than it gets now.

Mehmed Pasha Koski Mosque

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Despite the simplicity of this mosque, it is very beautiful, it was built in 1618, and you can enter the mosque for a small fee, and even climb a very narrow stairway to reach the minaret to see one of the greatest and most beautiful views in the city and see the Stari Most Bridge from the top. While entering the mosque, you will be asked to take off your shoes because it is forbidden to wear shoes in the holy places. As for women, they are given a scarf to cover their heads and bodies if they wear revealing clothes, even if a little, and photos are allowed inside the mosque.

Outside the mosque, there is a garden and a fountain of taps, you can also visit a beautiful cafe if you want some rest after the exhausting climb to the minaret in the hot weather, where you can relax while you have tea or traditional coffee and watch the most wonderful sunset.

You should have enough time, to come back and spend the evening in Sarajevo, exploring the different restaurants and local products, some of which are best bought as souvenirs.

The third day, Biha

The city of Bihać occupies an area of ​​900 square kilometers on the banks of the Una River in the northwestern part of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is characterized by distinctive climatic conditions. It can be reached by using the old trains that characterize Bosnia or by taking a private car and driving approximately 303 km on the M5 route that connects from Sarajevo to Bihac.

The city is famous for its stunning natural landscapes and terrain, and you can also visit there the National Park through which the beautiful Ona River passes, and there are also the magnificent Martin Bord Waterfalls and Shaterbachki Bok in its vicinity. .

The city includes many historical and cultural attractions, and it is considered one of the favorite destinations for local and international visitors to the region, because tourists can do different activities, including:

  • Visit Plitvice Lake Park, which is a wonderful nature reserve that includes suitable places for family picnics, many waterfalls and caves.
  • Visiting the Gothic Fethiye Mosque, which was built in 1266 AD and converted into a mosque in the Ottoman era.
  • The canoe and kayak park is the most important attraction of the city, where you can embark on individual or group adventures through the river waves and waterfalls.
  • You can also tour the residential neighborhoods of the city and learn about the hospitable hospitality of its people.

Finally, you must visit the Captain stone tower, which according to local city legend saved the life of the King of Hungary, Pella IV, in the 13th century.

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In the end, I hope, dear reader, that I have satiated your curiosity by getting to know this magical country and that I have helped you to develop a plan for a trip of a lifetime to this special country.

I can only truly wish you to visit this country that left an unforgettable impression on me one day and which I would like to visit many more times.

Oh God, travel

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