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Sunday November 22, 2020

How do you mute any Fleet on Twitter

How can you mute any story on Twitter

Fleet or stories or Astori are Latest additions The micro-blogging platform on Twitter, which became available on a global scale at the end of last week.

As usual, any new feature we hear a lot of criticism at the beginning before everyone gets used to it later and begins to use it normally and intensely sometimes.

If it bothered you with recent Twitter stories Two methods To mute it from any account whose stories you do not like:

How do you mute any Fleet on Twitter

How do you mute any Fleet on Twitter 1
Mute stories
  • Click on the Stories icon for any account from the top of your timeline to view the story, then click on the arrow in the top right of the story and choose Mute Fleets
  • Or … click from the top of your timeline, long press on the account picture that you want to mute the stories for, and also apply the previous option.

Note: In both cases, you can choose between mute stories only for the account, or mute stories and tweets also for the same account.

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