How do you market yourself by selling your digital products on Bekalica?

Now, the market for digital products is growing more than ever. They are intangible products, which do not need to be stored or delivered from one place to another, as they can be accessed and sold online. These products are often sold as digital files that can be uploaded and downloaded by customers, for use in the manner appropriate to the nature of the product. As a freelancer, you can benefit greatly from selling digital products on the Bekalika store, and take advantage of that in marketing your services.

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What digital products can be sold on Bekalica?

Many freelancers may be reluctant to sell digital products, thinking that it is a difficult step and requires a lot of effort. In fact, there are many forms of digital products that can be sold on Bekalica, they include different types of simple products to products with many details as follows:

  • the documents: Such as invoices to keep track of your accounts, resume templates for job seekers, and templates for presentations ready as forms for introducing companies or offering courses.
  • designs: Such as designs for social networking sites, ready-made graphics, and publications.
  • Templates: Such as WordPress templates, HTML templates, and templates for online stores such as WooCommerce.
  • mobile applications: Whether it’s on Andriod or IOS.
  • Web applications: Such as WordPress plugins, and e-store plugins.

You can start by selling simple products, such as developing templates for presentations or resumes, and other examples. Of course, the choice of the digital product will depend on the nature of your business and your specialization, but in the end your skills can be invested in starting to develop simple digital products according to your field.

How does selling digital products on Bekalica market your services on a freelance basis?

Selling digital products helps you have a source of passive income, which is important to boost your income sources besides self-employment. But this is not the only benefit of selling these products. By selling digital products on Bekalika, you can market yourself as a freelancer using a freelance site, for the following reasons:

1. Build a base of potential clients for your services on Freelance

Freelancer targets clients who want to implement relatively large projects that involve many details, and therefore are looking for the right freelancer to implement them, and need to follow up the implementation with the freelancer. While the nature of the customers on Bekalica varies, they mainly prefer to buy ready-made digital products directly, choosing from the products on the store.

This helps you to build a larger base of potential customers for your services on a freelancer. If a ready-made customer in the future decides to get a product with certain specifications, and decides to rely on a freelance site, you will be the first choice for him according to the quality of the product sold on Bekalika.

2. Have strong business models in your field

In fact, the value of digital products is not limited to selling them only, but their existence confirms that you have strong business models in your field. Of course, you may have actual business models in your gallery, but there are some advantages of the digital products that you sell on Bekalica as follows:

  • The power of the digital product as a business model

In order to succeed in selling digital products, you will need to develop a powerful product with multiple details to convince customers to buy it, and beat other competitors. As a result, you will have a powerful product that you can use as your business model, assuring you of your professionalism in your field.

For example, if you are a WordPress developer, you can develop a WordPress theme and sell it on the Bekalica store. Developing WordPress themes is a strong proof of your expertise in the WordPress field. In addition, Bekalika store has criteria for accepting the publication of products, and therefore the publication of the product really indicates its quality.

  • There are no customer modifications to the digital product

Clients constantly want to implement projects according to their own requirements. After the project is completed, the customer usually has his modifications that he asks you to make, and with it the appearance of the final product changes.

It does not happen when selling digital products, you can implement the digital product according to your vision without any interventions. For example, if you are a mobile app developer, and you have an app idea in mind, you will be able to implement it with the visualization you want, and sell it on Bekalica, helping you to show your potential in that product.

  • Freedom to showcase your work

Sometimes you may be working on projects on a standalone platform, and would like to add them as business models for you after the end of the project. But some clients want to keep their work confidential, and not display it in the business gallery, so they agree with you on that. The digital products you sell on Bekalica are entirely yours, so you can offer them for sale however you like.

3. The integration of Bekalica and Freelancing boosts your sales and profits

When you create an account on Bekalica, you can add your account link on Standalone. Likewise on a freelancer, you can add your account on Bekalica. This integration opens the door to providing more services in your field of specialization, whether it is implementing new projects on a freelance basis, or achieving more sales of your products on Bekalica.

Linking Bekalika to an independent site

For example, when a customer buys your products on Bekalica, they may want to customize the use of the product to suit their needs, or look for more product extensions, so they can hire you as a freelancer to do the job.

Independent link to Bikalika

Even if the customer does not buy the product, but he will be able to know the potential benefits of hiring you, for example, if you sell WordPress templates, and he is looking for someone to develop a specific template for him, he will be able to contact you independently to develop the template he wants.

On the other hand, when freelance entrepreneurs browse through the freelancers’ accounts, access your Bekalika account, they may find the product they really want, and decide to buy yours. For example, if the customer is looking for a freelancer to implement a specific template for him, he enters your account on Bekalika and finds that you sell the template he wants, then he decides to save time and buy your digital product directly from Bekalika.

4. Appear to be an expert in your field

One of the most important self-marketing methods that help build real trust with the audience is to be a real expert in your field. The more you have multiple and strong projects that prove your experience, the more this contributes to enhancing the public’s confidence in you. So, by selling specialized digital products on Bekalica, you will be promoting yourself as someone who is truly an expert in their business.

This will help you to become the first choice for clients to obtain your basic services, and will open the way for you to provide other additional services, such as consulting services in your specialty. For example, if you sell e-commerce applications, you can promote yourself as someone who can provide technical advice on e-commerce.

What are the characteristics of the distinctive product that is marketed to you?

In order to be able to sell digital products on Bekalica, there are some specifications that it is best to check on these products. Among the most important features of the distinctive product that increase the chances of its sale:

  • He really has potential clients and he solves a real problem for them

The distinguished product is characterized by the presence of a potential customer base for it, and to solve a real problem for them, as this is the motivation that encourages them to acquire it, and then you have an opportunity to achieve good sales from this product.

You may have many skills that you can employ to produce a variety of digital products. When deciding between these products, be sure to choose a product that is at the core of your niche, to help you appear as an expert in your field, and to connect you to your target customers.

  • Show your full potential

The ideal product should demonstrate all your potential as much as possible, in order to produce a truly powerful digital product that helps you gain the trust of the audience. At the same time, it doesn’t have to make you develop a complex product with a lot of details, but rather make sure to use your skills to match the product.

  • Provides an easy user experience for customers

Remember that potential customers are not necessarily specialists. So, make sure that your product offers an easy user experience for them, as this will help them to use it smoothly without any problem, and get high reviews from them after the purchase.

How to get started selling digital products on Bekalica?

Success in selling digital products is not only related to product development, as it includes an integrated process of steps, and every step must be implemented in a correct manner in order to succeed in the sale, and at the same time achieve your goal of personal marketing. These steps include:

1. Study the digital products market well

First of all, it is necessary to study the market for digital products well, especially if this is your first experience in the field, in order to understand the exact opportunity available to you in this field. The study includes identifying potential customers and potential competitors for your products:

  • Define target customers

It is imperative to identify potential customers for you, because this will help you choose the right product idea to develop, which will enable you to actually solve the customer problem, ensuring that you have a real opportunity to achieve sales. You can determine the personality of the ideal customer for you, by analyzing the existing customers that you target with your projects on a freelance basis, and thinking about their needs and requirements in the services you provide to them.

  • Identify potential competitors for your product

You are not alone in the field of selling digital products, as there are many competitors who offer similar and high quality products as well. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the competing products well, and know the points of excellence in them, in order to overcome them and be able to win customers.

2. Develop your digital product

After completing the market study well, you will have a clearer perception of the right digital product, to develop it in accordance with the needs of customers, with the inclusion of advantages that will make it overcome the rest of the potential competitors.

This step may take some time for the product to appear as it should. So, don’t rush it, but rather set a timeline for implementation until you reach the final product. At the end of this step be sure to test the product, to ensure that you sell a solid, bug-free product.

3. Adding the product to Bicalica

After you have completed product development, you can move on to the step of adding the product to Bekalica. It is important to focus on the following tips when adding the product:

  • Ensure that the products are raised in high quality, with the addition of all information related to the product.
  • Include all steps of how to use the product, to ensure that customers’ questions are answered before they are raised.
  • Ensure that the product is easy to use, and updates it periodically.
  • Attach a video on the product page, which includes an explanation of how to use the product easily.

4. Start selling digital products

When you get the opportunity to sell a product, it is important to make sure that you communicate with your customers professionally. This is by providing an answer to their inquiries, and helping them to use the product in a correct manner, with reference to the possibility of providing more services on an independent platform, if you have the opportunity to do so.

Finally, selling digital products on Bekalica helps you self-market as a professional freelancer in your field. So, make sure you seize this opportunity, think of the right product to sell on Bekalika, and start implementing the four steps now.

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