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Friday February 14, 2020

How do you deal with the teenager in studying? Learn about ways to encourage adolescents to study

If your teenager son / daughter is alienated from studying and feels annoyed and angry when he gives him advice about caring for his study and not neglecting his lessons, you should deal with the matter wisely and rationally, taking into account the sensitivity of the age stage, and from here a very important question arises, how do you deal with the teenager in studying?

How do you deal with the teenager in studying?

For a teenager, studying is like a very bitterness medicine, so he has to take it daily, which is a disturbing and narrow for him, and the parents must deal calmly and not pressure the children to study their lessons, as this does not help, on the contrary, it may make the teenager study his lessons without focus and before we show you how to deal with the teen in studying ? First, we need to know the reasons why a teenager is not interested in studying

Reasons for teenager hindering studying

One of the main reasons hindering the study process is poor attention and concentration when a teenager studies his lessons

– That the teenager continues to study his lessons without getting a rest period, so that the information he is studying is forgotten

– The speed of a teenager reading a lesson quickly, so that the information does not settle in his mind, so it is a passing piece of information as if he did not read it

– The teenager’s unwillingness to study and feel that it is a heavy thing, as soon as he sits on his desk and opens his book to remember his lessons, he feels annoyed and annoyed

– The teenager’s transition in studying between similar materials makes information overlap with each other, thereby losing focus

Not getting enough rest after studying makes the resume of the memo feel uncomfortable and annoying for the teenager

Study in cases of illness and mental and physical disorders makes the teenager distracted, losing focus

– The teenager may forget the information of the material he had studied due to his suppression and remember some painful events that left bad marks on the teenager’s psyche.
Besides the association of studying one of the subjects or the test coincided with a painful accident that the teenager experienced, such as the death of his father.

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– The teen’s straying and thinking about other side topics far from studying the article, for example, thinking about family and emotional problems, the future and fear of failure, failure and straying cause the teenager a state of anxiety and stress, especially in the months leading up to exams

– The teenager lost his self-confidence and his ability to understand, understand and repeat his phrase, I do not understand a need / I do not know how to weaken his ability to focus

– There are personal reasons that weaken the teenager’s ability to study related to the feelings of hatred carried by the teenager for a certain subject teacher so that this hate moves to the same subject and its study becomes a heavy burden on the student

– There are objective reasons related to the student’s distraction when studying certain subjects, especially difficult subjects such as physics and mathematics, and his feeling of the difficulty of these subjects.

– There are family problems related to the existence of quarrels between parents, which creates a state of anxiety and tension for the teenager and becomes more neglected to study, as the separation of the parents plays a negative role in the reluctance of adolescents from the interest in studying

Reasons for teenager hindering studying
Reasons for teenager hindering studying

Methods of dealing with the teenager to encourage him to study

Certain methods must be followed to encourage adolescents to remember their lessons, and this can be limited to several points:

– Make sure to set a specific schedule to divide his academic duties into periods with a rest period from time to time so that the teenager does not feel a kind of pressure on him to finish his duties. Gifts and rewards can also be provided to encourage him to excel and academic achievement

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– Choose a suitable place with good lighting and ventilation to encourage the teenager to study while making sure that the selected room is far from what it occupies

– Provide him with all the requirements he needs to perform his duties in order not to argue that he is unable to complete his study, so he requests to go to a study with one of his friends.

Help your teenage son study and share his homework. Studies have shown that the excellence of children and achieving better performance in the study is closely related to parents ’participation of children in studying

Seek to educate your son with general knowledge and educational information that increases his desire for knowledge and love of knowledge

– Activating the role of active learning and interest in developing the activities of the teenager and his hobbies, as it can be attached to courses that help him to excel academically in case he suffers from difficulties in learning

– Your teenage son always embraced and encouraged him to study until he became superior and achieved himself and was important and could serve his community.

– Follow a routine system that includes studying, taking a break to watch TV, and making sure to follow the educational program channels

– In order for the teenager to feel the diversity, he must perform artistic or sporting activities during his school day in order not to get bored and tired of the length of time spent in the study, for example, he may have an artistic activity and is interested in the talent of drawing

Methods of dealing with the teenager to encourage him to study
Methods of dealing with the teenager to encourage him to study

Treat students’ reluctance to study

In order for studying to be a likable thing for a teenager and know how to deal with a teenager in studying? Several steps must be followed that can be listed in several points:

The parents ’view of studying is the main reason that a teenager loves to study or causes his reluctance to do so. Do not make your son feel that studying is a punishment that can deprive him of things he prefers, such as football, for example.

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– Not to use the rude method to urge the teenager to study and over-violent and pressure him until he is interested in his lessons, which may affect him with behavioral and psychological problems.

– Praise him constantly and talk about it positively and always support him with thanksgiving and praise phrases (You are superior and you are creative) This in itself helps him to love studying and not be averse to it

– Make sure to read in front of him and show your love for knowledge in order to be a positive role model for him and you can take him on a scientific journey that enriches him with some scientific information to support his study with applied scientific observations

– Provide the necessary support for your son in his study and do not urge him to study and nationally review his duties, and you can give him a gift or take him to the cinema or give him a favored food and other incentives that reduce the pressure on him

– Try to find a reason why your son hates studying, it may be smart, but he does not like school and his teachers do not like, and it is possible that the parents’ ambition is greater than the capabilities of their teenage son, he becomes depressed and hates school and therefore hates studying

– Try to simplify the study of some difficult materials for a teenager, such as studying them with him, such as mathematics, for example, the mother can help her son in the application of it and solve training models that help him overcome her difficulty

How do we address the adolescent
How do we address the adolescent’s reluctance to study?

In conclusion, we hope that you will have the required benefit from our topic. How do you deal with the teenager in studying?

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