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How do you deal with a smoker teenager? Learn about the mechanisms of dealing with a smoker teenager and methods of treatment

Once a young man or girl has reached adolescence, some bad things that he seeks to go through are trying to smoke, such as smoking cigarettes. The mother may enter her son’s room to find him smoking a cigarette to stop talking from the shock of shock. You don’t know what to do? So it is necessary to give her several tips to know how to deal with a smoker teenager?

How do you deal with a smoker teenager?

The teenager believes that he has become a sufficiently mature man and that the manifestations of masculinity and maturity are not complete except by smoking cigarettes and must be dealt with wisely and rationally by the parents because the use of violence and assertiveness in dealing with this bad habit gives opposite results and from here we must first know the reasons for the adolescent’s use of smoking

Reasons for teen smoking

You must know well what causes teens to smoke to learn how to deal with a smoking teenager?

– The teenager’s desire to prove and confirm his manhood, and that he bid farewell to childhood, he should behave in the manner of adult people in smoking cigarettes, so doing this makes him feel that he is a mature man

One of the most common reasons for a teenager to smoke is a group of bad friends who the teenager seeks to imitate blindly imitating and following their example in their behaviors and behaviors since in many cases a single smoker teenager gives his teenage friends that bad habit where they have a love for adventure in the experiment

– The length of time for a teenager’s spare time, which he does not seek to engage in, according to which the teenager finds smoking a kind of pleasure for him, as he finds something that kills boredom.

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– The absence of the family role and the parents ’neglect of the adolescent, especially at that stage that needs follow-up, containment and psychological guidance, as the adolescent suffers from dispersion, and the feelings, desires and aspirations inside him struggle.

And in the absence of parents in a teenager’s life, he may resort to smoking, and the presence of a family member opens the way for the teenager to imitate that bad habit.

– Increased publicity about smoking and the various brands of cigarettes that attract the attention and attention of teenagers as they want to try something new interesting for them.

The lack of religious awareness among young people, as smoking negatively affects health and money

– The teenager may smoke cigarettes in order to give him a kind of social appearance (prestige) and that his appearance is more attractive when he carries a cigarette.

– The belief of the teenager that smoking reduces the severity of tensions and pressures on him from studying or intransigence of parents

Reasons for teen smoking
Reasons for teen smoking

Mechanisms of dealing with a smoker teenager

– The change in the treatment of a smoker teenager so that he can know his mistake and refrain from it. Changing the treatment makes him feel that his bad habit will lose his family’s appreciation and will return him with bad results.

– Using reward and punishment as a successful educational method to stop smoking, such as preventing the teenager from practicing his favorite sport.

– According to the opinions of psychiatrists, the smoker father, who is a role model for his children, should refrain from smoking, as the teenager thinks that adult behavior is a guide to masculinity and seeks to imitate it.

– Avoid using the method of pressuring the teenager to quit. Address this bad habit. It does not help, but on the contrary, it only increases him with persistence.

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Parents should devote some time to sitting with the teenager and talking about the reasons for resorting to smoking and use a language of dialogue that is soft and calm, away from anger and nervousness

Striking proverbs for an adolescent explaining to him the damages of cigarette smoking from the devastation of human health, while demonstrating this by telling realistic stories

Mechanisms for dealing with a smoker teenager
Mechanisms for dealing with a smoker teenager

Advice for parents to persuade the teenager to stop smoking

– Keep your teenager away from his smoker friend because that habit is acquired and teenagers imitate each other and you can keep him away from this friend by mentioning bad characteristics in his personality, including smoking until he is convinced

Try to persuade your son that you were thinking about smoking in your teens, but the pale smokers’ faces, their bad breaths, and their unclean teeth made you retreat

– He demonstrated to him examples that the bad effects of smoking extend with humans, even older, especially people who started smoking at an early age.

– Try to increase his self-confidence, explaining to him that he does not need to smoke a cigarette to prove his manhood. The man is a man with his morals and good behavior. I always advise him that smoking is a harmful habit and the cigarette has a bad taste and ends with the human being to the destruction of his health as it does not remove the person from the pressures and concerns that concern him, on the contrary. It increases tension

For these tips to be effective, any smoker in the family must give up smoking

Ways to help the teenager to quit smoking

Knowing how to deal with a smoker teenager? Very important for adolescents and for whom the methods of help are just as important as:

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– That the parents understand the attraction of the teenager

In many cases, smoking is a kind of rebellion against reality, and it may be a desire to obtain a social appearance among friends. Some teenagers may smoke as an expression of self-confidence, and parents should search for the main reason for the teenager’s resort to smoking and work to find a solution to it.

Parents must be a good example for their children

Do not advise your teenager to stop smoking while you are smoking greedily, so how is it possible for a teenager to listen to your advice and stop smoking?

– The parents must explain to the children the danger of smoking on health and money

Parents must explain to the teenager that smoking is expensive and calculate the cost of what he pays to buy cigarette boxes per month to know how much money is lost.

Parents take their teenage son to awareness campaigns

If your teenage son refuses to quit smoking, be sure to take him to anti-smoking centers and talk to him about the reason for his adherence to this bad habit and always remind him of the negative consequences that accrue to the brain of lung and heart diseases

Remind your teenager of exercising to build a healthy body

Subscribe to your son in one of the clubs to exercise the sport he prefers to occupy his spare time in something useful instead of smoking to kill boredom from studying

Ways to help the teenager to quit smoking
Ways to help the teenager to quit smoking


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