Love of God and His Messenger

Our life in general depends on some things that must be taken into account, for God Almighty created us, and made in our lives one religion, and in our hearts there is one Messenger in order to live in a state of contentment that God Almighty is able to unite us on this religion without there being any An obstacle that prevents us from meeting in the Gardens of the Mole one day.

God, Glory be to Him, is the creator of this true religion, and He is the administrator, and the Muslim is well aware of the necessity of being on the religion of God, so that he obtains the credit over all other creatures, and enjoys his Almighty power, and feels that the protector is God, and that God is able to manage the affairs of all Muslims.

And in the love of God and His Messenger, sayings follow, and actions continue, and other actions come after them. Our lives exist to feel that we have given something to the religion of God, who has honored us with it, and we try as much as we can to reap the good in this difficult life that we live, and our talk today will address some of the ways that we can do To obtain the love of God and His Messenger, and to be fully convinced and satisfied with what we offer to our religion, even if what we do is a simple matter.

How to love God and His Messenger

Absolute obedience to the commands of God Almighty

How many people covet the mercy of God Almighty, thinking that God forgives sins on their own?! It is possible for an individual to do anything he wants, as long as he will seek forgiveness from his Lord in the first and last place, but God Almighty has promised those who underestimate disobedience that he will have eternal torment, and despite this matter, he called on the servants to speed up seeking forgiveness, and to stop sins as long as they They feel that it is harmful to their relationship with the Lord of slaves.

Introducing God Almighty and His Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him

There is nothing wrong with a believer standing at bus stops, for example, and calling out that God is the One and Only, and the necessity of the Muslim to return to his senses before it is too late. These moments are supposed to be one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and it is possible to guide many people by reminding them of God Almighty. And when you mention God, you must first mention the attributes that man loves, which are the attributes of mercy, forgiveness and tolerance, and then mention the attributes that awaken the sleeper from his slumber, and make him always remember the necessity that God’s religion is the religion that every human should adopt.

In fact, we must mention the importance of having a religion like this, and a messenger like our beloved Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, for he is the only prophet who will stand on the Day of Resurrection, and call for the necessity of forgiveness for Muslims from around the world. He will be punished for the things that he lost in it.

Stop belittling the religion of God Almighty

Although the Islamic religion is a religion of tolerance and good morals, it is also a religion of truth and avoidance of misguidance. In Islam, we have to make known to others the extent of the tolerance of this religion, and the extent of its purity; It is the religion of God with which people will be met on the Day of Resurrection, and it is the religion that we are supposed to be sent upon. Therefore, all actions that occur on the part of a Muslim must be careful because all eyes are on him, and all criticism does not reach the person in particular, but reaps all other Muslims, who They have nothing to do with it.

Fear of God and the hope of contentment

God, Glory be to Him, is the Lord of the servants, and He is the Creator of this great universe, and everything that you see around you is of His making, Glory be to Him. Avoid His wrath.

What brings contentment and happiness in people’s lives is that they fear God and work to obtain His approval in their entire lives, and there is another type of fear which is shyness from the Lord of the servants, so it is not permissible to commit sin without being ashamed of seeing us do it. You love God and His Messenger, and you wish to see him on a day when neither wealth nor children will benefit, for God alone is the rest of man, so he must come forward to see him.

Satisfaction with God’s apportionment and praise be to Him for that

Say thank God always so that you may be happy in your life, and feel that God has never left you, and know that the one who divided your sustenance for you is the world. Contentment with God’s sustenance is one of the things that make you love God and His Messenger, and you always call for His justice, Glory be to Him, and you have to have a great deal of religious and Islamic awareness, and call for the necessity of implementing God’s law that he urged at least in your home, and then work to spread it in nearby places.

Stop complaining and accept the reality of fate and destiny

Many of us feel that he is not receptive to the reality in which he lives, and looks with every lustful eye for what is with other people around us, and if he remembered that God is fair in distributing goodness and sustenance, he would not have complained one day, and I do not hide from you that you love God and His Messenger in the way that makes you enter Heaven without account, you have to adapt to your situation, look for sources of livelihood, work and strive, for every diligent has a share, and God’s hand is always with people who are looking for their livelihood in every place of the world.

As for contentment with fate and destiny, it is another issue that must be noted, which is that everything that happens to us in this life is caused by that God wanted us to, and to obtain His love, glory be to Him, and you feel that you are satisfied with your Lord, so you have to accept everything that is imposed on you, and be on a great deal of Bear the burdens that fall on your shoulders, because God sends misfortunes to the extent of faith for the sake of affliction, so whoever is patient and anticipates, he will have eternal gardens from God Almighty, and the satisfaction of those around him from the people, and as for the one who is frightened by God’s judgment, God will hold him accountable for his action, and he will not enlighten him Never the path of guidance.

Giving alms

Charity is one of the most important things that makes you obtain God’s approval, and earns you absolute love for Him, the Mighty and Majestic, and the meaning of giving alms is to give in charity everything that you can take out of your pocket, and treat it as a kind of gift or gift that God gave you, so I decided to share it with Whoever needs it, whether it is from relatives or even from the wayfarers, and I do not hide the matter from you, for gaining the approval and love of God does not come easily, the price of heaven is very high, and you have to find and strive to reach the stage where you obtain this love and this preference over all other human beings.

How do we love God and His Messenger?