face reality

Usually people prefer to stay away from facing life and avoid difficulties, but in fact if a person wants to live his life he must be effective and face reality; When he confronts him, he has rules guiding him to develop his ability to deal more deeply and better with life, and things that he considered difficult become easier, and what he used to frighten becomes familiar to him, and he can control his life, and increase his self-confidence. Thus, satisfaction is achieved.[1]

Change the things that are possible

There are some cases that may be out of a person’s control, and whatever he does to change them, he cannot change anything, so he wastes his energy on them, gets frustrated, and focuses on negative things; Therefore, a person should focus on the things that he can control, because it is the only way through which he can make change, by making a list of the situations he is facing, what he is going through, and focusing all his energy on changing them for the better.[2]

asking for help

Some people think that they have to deal with a difficult situation alone, but this is not true; There is no problem in asking for help from others, and it should be directly, as the person asks exactly what he needs, such as: sympathy or support, and not judge him, and criticize him, and it is preferable to seek help from friends and loved ones, because it strengthens relationships; Helping through difficult times is important in any relationship.[3]

Talking about hardships

Difficulties may transform and develop into fears, and cause severe anxiety for the person, but talking about them helps in understanding feelings and fears, and obtaining an evaluation of them from others; Thus, they can help him confront it, and give him a point of view that he can benefit from.[3]

the reviewer

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How do we face life’s difficulties?

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