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Acne appears due to the change in hormones, especially during adolescence, or immediately before menstruation, as hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands in the pores to produce more sebum, which leads to closing the pores and the appearance of acne. There is no link between diet and stress in the appearance of acne, but they can make the condition worse. Acne can be treated without a prescription, using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, but benzoyl peroxide should only be used under medical supervision if the skin is colored, ie brown; Because it removes the color of the skin, and more than one treatment for acne should not be used at the same time, and in the event that it is not feasible to try many available treatments, a dermatologist can be resorted to.[1]

acne prevention

There are several things that must be followed if the skin is prone to acne, including:[2]

  • Cleaning with a mild or medical cleanser that does not contain creams, in the morning and before bed only, by moisturizing the skin with water, then gently massaging the cleanser without excessive in a circular motion, then rinse the skin, and pat dry.
  • Moisturize the skin after cleansing with an oil-free moisturizer.
  • Do a sensitivity test before using any topical treatment for acne, by placing a little product on a small spot of the skin to see if it causes skin irritation or not.
  • Use clean towels, and wash pillowcases and sheets regularly.
  • Keep hair away from the face when using hair products; As some of them cause skin irritation, and lead to the appearance of acne.
  • Use of medical cosmetics, free of oils.
  • Do not wash the face excessively.
  • Make sure to clean and cleanse the face after exercising.
  • Use the scrub with caution, as it may cause skin irritation.
  • Not to tamper with the pimples by popping them, and not to touch the face a lot, because the pimples heal better and faster without touching.

Acne treatment in one day

There are several natural home remedies that can treat acne in a very short time, including what heals the skin from love overnight, and the following are some of these natural recipes:[3]


Toothpaste dries up pimples, which reduces healing time, because it contains anti-bacterial properties that eliminate the bacteria that cause pimples, and it can be used on pimples that are on the face or on the body, such as legs and arms, and this treatment is suitable for oily, normal or mixed skin, and its method is :[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • White toothpaste.
  • A piece of cotton.
  • Using a piece of cotton, apply a generous amount of toothpaste.
  • Then it is applied to the pimple.
  • Leave it on the pimple for the whole night.

lemon oil

Lemon oil is used as an antimicrobial and protects the skin from free radical damage. It can be used without dilution when it is applied to a small area such as a pimple. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is preferable to do a sensitivity test if the skin is sensitive, and its method is:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • 3 drops of lemon oil.
  • cotton ball
  • Clean the affected area, and pat dry.
  • Put drops of lemon oil on the cotton, then apply directly.
  • Repeat the treatment a few times during the day, and before going to bed.

honey and cinnamon

Honey nourishes the skin and kills bacteria, and cinnamon is anti-microbial, and the regular application of this mixture treats acne as quickly as possible; It has properties that heal and heal wounds quickly, and is suitable for all skin types, but you must make sure that there is no allergy against cinnamon, and its method is:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • A teaspoon of ground cinnamon.
  • A teaspoon of honey.
  • Mix honey and cinnamon to get a paste.
  • The face is cleansed, then the paste is applied to the pimples.
  • Leave it on pimples for a whole night, and the difference will be noticed when you wash the face the next morning.

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the popular treatment for acne, especially for those on the forehead, cheeks, chin, or even above the lips, as it contains diverse and powerful antimicrobials, and is rich in antioxidants, which can treat cystic pimples, and reduce acne spots, It is a suitable treatment for all skin types, and its method is:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • 1-2 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil or jojoba oil (one of them is used as a carrier oil).
  • Tea tree oil is mixed with carrier oil.
  • Put one or two drops of the previous mixture on the affected area.
  • Repeat the treatment every few hours during the day, until the acne is cured.
  • An allergy test should be done when applying any type of essential oil, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Yogurt milk

Some people benefit from milk in the treatment of love, and others do not benefit from it, and this can be known through experience. Milk is a very good treatment as it contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, relieves redness, and moisturizes the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, and its method she:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • 1-2 tablespoons plain yogurt, slightly cooled or at room temperature.
  • The curd is placed on the affected area with the fingers, and it can also be placed on the whole face.
  • Leave on the skin for 15 minutes or until it dries, then rinse.

hot towel

The hot temperature of the towel removes the pus from the pimple, as this treatment is used on pus-filled pimples, or pimples under the skin, and it is a suitable treatment for all skin types, and its method is:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • Hot water.
  • Soft towel.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Heat the water to a tolerable temperature.
  • Soak the towel in hot water, then squeeze to get rid of the excess water.
  • Place the hot towel on the pimple for a few minutes or for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then cover my index fingers with tissue paper, then gently press to get the pus out.
  • If the pus does not come out, leave the blister for a few hours, then repeat the pressure with a hot towel.
  • Be careful of hot water so that it does not lead to a burn, and be sure to press gently on the pimple just to encourage the pus to come out.

ice cube

Ice calms and shrinks the pimple, which reduces swelling, and its method is:[3]

  • the components:
  • How to prepare:
  • Ice cube.
  • Soft fabric.
  • Take an ice cube, and wrap it in a clean, soft piece of cloth.
  • Apply all over the pimple, and leave it on for a few minutes or 2-3 minutes.
  • It does not leave snow on the skin for a long time.

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