History is one of the academic subjects that are taught in schools, and the content of the subject varies from one country to another, according to its history. History is one of the most important subjects because it is inspired by reality, and it adds to the student’s culture important information that he should know about his country and the world.

Studying this subject may differ from other subjects in the school curriculum because it does not contain rules or theoretical matters, but rather contains information and dates that need memorization and understanding, so the student may take many hours to study it.

How to study it

  • Focusing the class or lecture time well, and writing the main information mentioned by the teacher on the notebook for easy reference,

Listening to the lesson is as if the student was listening to a story or watching a movie. Imagination helps to consolidate the information in the mind.

  • Read the book and try to summarize the basic and important information in it, according to the aforementioned chronology.
  • Putting lines down the important information in the book, as this helps to study it faster, and focus on it at the time of the exam.
  • Write the important dates in the lesson on a sheet of paper, and make a list of them containing the date and its importance, in addition to mentioning any links between them to facilitate memorization.
  • Read the notes that were written in the class and try to memorize them, and make sure of them in the book and the curriculum.
  • Search for additional information about the lesson on the Internet, and watch some educational videos, which may help to memorize easily, and you must make sure that the information mentioned on the website or the video is correct, so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Review the material with a friend or family member so that it is easy to memorize, by talking about the historical lesson, as if it were a story or a movie.
  • Draw cartoons about the historical information mentioned, which helps to remember it easily by remembering the drawing and its content.
  • Reading information and summaries out loud helps to focus and memorize well.
  • Avoid watching movies that are presented in relation to the historical events or stories mentioned in the book, as many of these films are fabricated and distorted about real facts and dates to suit the nature of the film.
  • Putting a short exam to test the information, or asking a family member to put it and correct it, as this helps the student to know the things he needs to focus on, and the information he is still ignorant of.

How do I study history?

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