Ways to strengthen the bones of the body

A large number of people suffer from skeletal weakness in their bodies, and this weakness is the result of bad habits practiced on a daily basis, in addition to relying on a diet that lacks nutrients important for strengthening bones, skeletal care is not difficult, but it needs awareness, awareness and practice as well. There are many ways to help strengthen bones, including calcium, vitamin D, and exercise:

Calcium-rich foods

  • Milk and its derivatives and products, such as cheese, labneh, custard and cream. It should be noted that a cup of skim milk provides 30% of the body’s need for calcium on a daily basis, in addition to its richness in vitamin D, and 300 grams of cheddar cheese provides the body with 30% of calcium.
  • Fish, especially sardines, and salmon, as 700 grams of salmon provides the body with 100% of its daily need of calcium.
  • Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, mustard greens, lettuce, kale, dandelion, and cabbage, and some vegetables such as okra and broccoli.
  • Eggs are rich in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Cereals, especially barley.
  • Fruits such as oranges and strawberries, and dried fruits such as figs and apricots.
  • Cooked legumes.

Vitamin D rich foods

  • Milk and its derivatives such as cheese.
  • yolk.
  • liver;
  • mushrooms;
  • Almond and soy milk.
  • Fish, especially sardines, tuna, smoked fish, and fish oil.
  • Exposure to the sun every day for twenty minutes, and exposure to the sun must be before ten in the morning or after four in the afternoon.

Bone-strengthening exercises

  • Hitting the instep and the fist with a sandbag, and the beating must be gradual, taking care not to injure the metatarsal of the foot, as well as the palm, and be exposed to fractures.
  • Lift weights ranging from one kilo to two kilos.
  • Walk for at least half an hour every day.
  • Using stairs instead of the escalator, or the escalator.

Tips to get strong bones

  • Strengthening and building muscles, strong and strong muscles protect and support the joints, and strengthening the muscles is by exercising their own, and by following a healthy diet.
  • You must stand and sit in straight positions, as the straight position relieves pressure on the bones and joints, and therefore it is the best position for the health of joints and bones.
  • Both alcohol and smoking should be avoided; Because they reduce the mineral elements in the bones, and work to reduce their density, and thus the bones become highly vulnerable to fractures.
  • Protein enhances the presence of minerals in the bones, and thus protects them from fractures, so be careful to eat protein-rich foods such as legumes.
  • Eating fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance, raises the level of potassium, vitamin B, C, as well as magnesium in the body, and these substances are important for the health and safety of the skeleton.
  • Care must be taken and the ban, and adherence to safety rules, and being careful not to expose the bones to hitting the hard parts, and it is better to wear appropriate shoes that protect the person from slipping, and not to walk in dark places.

How do I make my bones strong?

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