Trust in God Almighty

Trusting in God is delegating all things to God Almighty, reliance on Him in life, and exerting all the reasons for that in order for the servant to obtain what he wants, and to ward off all evils from oneself, and from that is drawing closer to God – the Most High – through acts of worship, and they are of two types; The first of them is the worship of the limbs, such as: prayer and fasting, and the second type is the heart-worshippers, such as: trust in God, trust in Him, and contentment. His trust in God Almighty, when his people denied him and threw him into the fire, so God Almighty said: (We said, O fire, be coolness and peace for Abraham).[1] So God Almighty preserved the Hebron Ibrahim, supported him with his victory, and made his consequence salvation. Therefore, in the most difficult times, a person must be confident in God Almighty, and strive to reassure his heart for every decree that God Almighty decrees, and by this he will have dispensed with the servants and creation richly. There is never poverty after him, and whoever turns to God – the Mighty and Sublime – with his heart, God will suffice him for all evil. The Almighty – sees him, is familiar with him, and nothing is hidden from him, just as trust is required of women as it is required of men, so the mother of Moses – peace be upon him – is the best example for all Muslim women, she placed her son Moses – peace be upon him – in the coffin, and worked on He sailed in the sea, until he reached the palace of the tyrant Pharaoh, and the will of God – the Most High – was manifested so that the child would be a summoner to Pharaoh, and on his hands the demise of his kingdom, and his tyranny from the land. To his patient mother, and she would nurse him, and she would hold him to them so that there would be reassurance in her heart, as God Almighty said: (So we returned him to A. Eat it so that her eyes may be comforted and not sad, and that she may know that the promise of God is true, but most of them are unaware).[2][3]

How to enhance trust in God Almighty

Enhancing trust in God – the Mighty and Sublime – is achieved by a number of means, some of which are explained below:[4]

  • That a person asks God – the Most High – for strength over what he wants, and does not rely on himself and his strength; Because with this action he will be the loser, as he must know that what is happening in the universe is not absent from the knowledge of God, even if the apparent matter is evil, but its consequences are closer to good. He must believe that all the things that happen with him are from God’s estimation for them, as they are in the interest of the servant.
  • That a person knows that trusting in God is a means of success that a Muslim needs in all legitimate matters, such as: striving and working to obtain sustenance, and that is by believing that sustenance is in the hands of God Almighty, and without envying people if they increase it with sustenance, because he knows that God Almighty is the one who He simplifies the sustenance for his servants with his knowledge and wisdom, and that wealth does not last, just as poverty does not remain.
  • Confidence in God Almighty, and belief in His ability without neglecting the possible and legitimate reasons, including striving, work and hard work.
  • Being patient is one of the most important means that helps in strengthening one’s trust in God and increasing one’s attachment to Him, for He is the one who knows the secret.
  • Turning to God, and insisting upon Him in sincere supplication, that removes and removes worries and anxieties from the soul of man.
  • Trusting in God Almighty, and being secure in Him from enemies and their plots, as the servant who worships God – the Most High – is one of the trusting in their Lord, just as the believers are safe from God.

A citizen of trust in God Almighty

Thinking of God – the Most High – is one of the best acts of worship, as the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Good thought is part of good worship).[5] There are many aspects in which a Muslim must be keen on trusting God, including:[6]

  • Trust in God at death, as it was reported from the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in the divine hadith that he narrates from his Lord: (I am as my servant thinks of me.[7]
  • Trusting God in times of adversity and calamities, for the Companions – may God be pleased with them – who failed to follow the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in the Battle of Tabuk, their distress was revealed only when they thought well of God and trusted Him.
  • Confidence in God when supplicating, supplication is one of the acts of worship by which the servant draws near to God Almighty, for God – the Most High – is able to answer, just as he is not incapable of any matter.
  • Trusting God when repenting, it is better for the one who disobeys God – the Mighty and Majestic – to accept him repentant, hoping for what he has of bounty and forgiveness, for God – the Almighty – loves those who repent, as he said: (God loves those who repent and loves those who are kind).[8]
  • Confidence in God when life is hard, and that is with certainty that God – the Mighty and Sublime – is able to bring His servant out of distress and distress into abundance in all his affairs.
  • Confidence in God when debt prevails. Debt predominance is one of the places in which a person feels weak and helpless, so he needs to trust God Almighty, rely on Him alone, and turn to Him with a sincere heart and a believer in the power of God Almighty.
  • Confidence in God when supplicating, fulfilling the needs of God Almighty, and turning to Him.

the reviewer

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